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Savio Winding PulsarS

Savio Winding PulsarS Automatic Winder summarizes all the expectations required by the international markets, thanks to the updated technologies together with enhanced technical features. This state- of-the-art machine has been designed keeping in mind the demands of our customers in terms of increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, reduced waste and production of yarn package of top high quality. Further emphasis has been given to realize a friendly use machine and almost maintenance free.

PulsarS offers new features and design in round magazine winding. A quantum leap forward in automatic winding. Enhanced productivity up to 10%. Optimized energy consumption

Machine models PulsarS M round magazine feeding (manual doffing)
PulsarS L round magazine feeding (automatic doffing)
Technical details Headstock with suction unit - hands right or left with respect to the working front
Frame modular frame consisting of 8 or 10 heads sections
Number of heads/machine from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 80 heads in steps of 2
Materials natural, synthetic and blended staple yarns
Count range from tex 286 to tex 4, from Ne 2 to Ne 147, from Nm 3.5 to Nm 250
Bobbin size tube length: from 180 to 350 mm with a bobbin diameter of 32 to 72 mm
Take-up cross wound packages, several types of drums available, taper 0° ÷ 5°57’, maximum diameter 320 mm
Take-up speed 400 ÷ 2200 m/min with continuous adjustment

Key Features

C.C.S with its yarn cut function, separated from the electronic yarn clearer detection, has an independent smart cutter, which works in synchronism with the winding process. C.C.S. guarantees that hard waste generation is reduced, while the cycle efficiency is increased and the operator intervention minimized.

A combination of fixed and movable ceramic fingers traps stabilizes the yarn allowing higher winding speeds. The friction points have been reduced and harmonized, in order to preserve the overall quality of the yarn.

All the clearers of the last generation are totally integrated with the PulsarS process logic. Each single spindle becomes a technological laboratory to ensure the production of a faultless package. In addition to the control of the main single or repetitive yarn defects, splice included, the system foresees the possibility to remove from the package all the technological defects communicated by the clearer.

Air and Moistair® splicers boasts a Duo Air Feeding System, for yarn tail preparation and splicing. The separation allows the individual setting of the most appropriate value of air pressure, and makes these splicers able to easily process any different fibers and blends combination.

Friendlier to the user: machine control and diagnostics

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Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.ASavio is a leader in the yarn finishing machine sector, operating worldwide in the manufacturing and marketing of automatic winders, continuous shrinkage and bulking winders, two-for-one twisters, and rotor spinning frames with factories in Italy, China and India.
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