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DKSH Launches the Digital Shipment Portal Custom Clearance in Cambodia

DKSH Launches the Digital Shipment Portal Custom Clearance in Cambodia

DKSH has expanded its digital shipment portal, a web-based centralized data system, to benefit businesses in Cambodia. This step is in line with DKSH’s ambition to continuously enhance its digital capabilities and to provide innovative solutions to its customers.

Cambodia, Phnom Penh, May 22, 2023 – DKSH, the trusted partner for companies seeking to grow their businesses in Asia and beyond, has launched the new digital Shipment Portal in Cambodia after having successfully implemented it in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The Digital Shipment Portal is a digital platform that provides clear information on the purchase order along the whole journey from the supplier warehouse cross-dock to DKSH’s destination distribution centers in terms of purchase order (PO) tracking, shipment booking details with forwarders, shipment tracker from origin to destination, shipping documents for custom clearance, advance notifications to the warehouse, and clearance cost and other data analytic reports. With this portal, every user can track the status of their shipment containers' departure and custom clearance at their fingertips. This digital innovation is aligned with DKSH’s ambition to continuously drive operational excellence and to improve internal digital processes by going paperless.

Ranjith Ramanan, Director of Supply Chain Management, DKSH Cambodia, commented: “We are thrilled that we can offer this new digital solution to both our internal and external stakeholders, using one single portal update. An additional benefit is that each update has an audit trail that we can use in our data analytics. Documents are automatically archived, and our distribution center will receive advanced notifications on a single shipment report.”

Lanet Mang, Senior Manager, Country IT, DKSH Cambodia and Laos, said: “This portal will allow for a better customer experience through a consolidated view of shipment information gathered from all relevant supply chain participants and displayed in an easy-to-understand way. With this digital solution, DKSH Cambodia is taking a further leap toward leveraging technological innovation to ultimately benefit all involved business stakeholders.”

Akram Khan, Director, Global Custom & Trade Compliance, stated: “Our plan for the deployment of this Digital Shipment Portal to other markets is well on track. Enhancement in the portal will take place in stages. However, the future is already being paved, and we will continue our efforts to consistently modernize and improve our Shipment Portal.