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The capability of translation. Streamline your NX advantage.

TIFF Assembler Plus (TAP) software comes standard with your FLEXCEL NX System. TAP gives you the tools to quickly prepare TIFF files for plate creation. Design streamlined layouts and manage output for unique surface patterning technology that delivers the finish you seek. TAP 5.0 extends the core functionality of the software, making it even easier to extend the full benefits of KODAK FLEXCEL NX Advantage technology. The interface has now been translated into 11 different languages, ensuring the best experience for Miraclon customers.

Key Features

Provides more control

  • Choose from 11 languages for the TAP user interface.
  • Ability to hide DIGICAP NX Patterning that you don’t use.
  • Supports additional separation settings to the cut label text.
  • Allows specification of plate thickness in cut files to improve performance.

Improves reliability

  • A connected support experience ensures rapid diagnosis and response.
  • Preventative maintenance tailored to your KODAK FLEXCEL NX System keeps your operation running continuously and efficiently.
  • Automated backups ensure you don’t lose your settings.

  • Printing & Packaging

Miraclon - Bringing innovation, investment and collaboration together to take flexo further.

For the best in packaging printing – start to finish. Miraclon is a fully flexo-focused company, creating revolutionary solutions for flexo printing. A dedicated team has been at the forefront of flexo’s transformation for more than a decade, and the technology, including the flagship KODAK FLEXCEL NX system, ensures best-in-class performance at every point in the print process.

Today, the pressure on packaging printers is higher than ever. Which is why Miraclon work closely with customers, predicting challenges and innovating to resolve them, with products that take quality to new heights, increase efficiency and maximize productivity.