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Rauch Furnace Technology - Industrial Furnaces - Magnesium Dosing Furnace & Recycling Machine

RAUCH has set itself the goal to facilitate the complete handling of magnesium in both solid and liquid form. In a competitive world, availability, low maintenance costs and highest safety standards are of major importance.

These issues are always a priority for RAUCH engineers designing an installation as it has be repeatedly proven with lots of installations throughout the world, not only in the standard program but also in customised installations in the fields of sand casting, DC casting, low pressure die casting.

Demands from our customers are addressed by a competent team acting in the fields of R&D, mechanical and electrical engineering, project management, software development and service technicians.

  • Machinery & Manufacturing
Rauch Furnace TechnologyRAUCH stands for high-quality melting technology solutions for the processing of Magnesium, Zinc and non-ferrous metals, which perfectly integrate into individual production processes. In this respect, expert know-how from research and many years of experience in the implementation of complex melting technology systems ensure unrivalled sustainability and reliability over several production cycles. The RAUCH team is characterized by combining the highest quality standards with absolute cost-awareness, as well as the trusting, long-term relationships with our business partners.