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Reliable and economical supply for analyzers which require higher volumes of water

Designed to supply CLRW grade water to a single analyzer. The MEDICA EDI 15/30 is the ideal system to provide predictable consumables usage, reducing the number of interventions.

The MEDICA EDI 15/30 is a compact, high-performance water purification system that directly feeds Clinical Diagnostic Analyzers with up to 1.5 l/min of CLRW standard grade water. The MEDICA EDI incorporates EDI ‘Pulse Technology’ using Electrodeionization (EDI). Innovative technology, combined with its unique features, makes the MEDICA EDI 15/30 a highly reliable and cost-effective choice.

Ideally suited for:

  • Single or multiple clinical analyzers requiring up to 30 liters/hr
  • Single clinical analyzers requiring up to 1.5 liters/min instantaneous demand of CLRW grade water

Technical specification

Product specification MEDICA EDI 15 MEDICA EDI 30
Dispense flowrate 15 l/hr 30 l/hr
Inorganics (resistivity at 25°C) >10 MΩ.cm >10 MΩ.cm
Organics (TOC) <30 ppb <30 ppb
Bacteria <1 CFU/ml * <1 CFU/ml *
Particles 0.2 μm filter 0.2 μm filter
Silica <0.5 mg/l <0.5 mg/l
Delivery flow rate Up to 1.5 l/min Up to 1.5 l/min

*Subject to correct operating and maintenance procedures. Installation of MEDICA EDI unit requires the LA800 pre-treatment assembly and LC281 pre-treatment filters


Key features

  • Space saving design – smallest footprint available on the market for the pure water specification. Optional Docking Vessel water reservoir facilitates bench top or wall mounting as a single unit
  • Guaranteed performance at all times through self-monitoring software, easy system maintenance, and emergency by-pass facility
  • Pure water ready to go – water specification is maintained in the reservoir by regular recirculation through the system’s purification process
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