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RBC Bioscience - Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor - MagCore® HF16 Plus

MagCore® HF16 Plus is the 2nd generation of HF 16 with improvements at mechanical design and program efficiency. With a user friendly design and built-in programs, up to 16 samples can be isolated at your fingertip. CE-IVDD certificated reagent kits available for various samples of whole blood, serum, plasma, body fluids, bacteria, plant, cultured cells, tissues, etc. Barcode scanner and thermo printer are available on request.

Key features

  • Special design of cartridge racks for an easy installation; 
  • Visual and audio alarms appear along with the emergency stop.
  • Worldwide Patented Magnetic Beads: With RBC patented magnetic bead technology, cellulose coating particles give high binding capacity and the best purity of nucleic acid.
  • Ideal for DNA/RNA Extraction: Built-in protocols are created for various sample types including whole blood, viral nucleic acid, tissue, plant, cultured cells, etc.
  • Barcode Scanner (Optional): It enables a complete tracking of samples throughout the entire purification process and helps systematically organize test results.
  • UV Decontamination: The equipped UV lamp prevents the risk of cross-contamination, improving user safety and product quality. 

Technical specifications

System components

Pipetting unit dispensing, transferring, X-Y two axis movements
Electric control PLC module and Arm-based main board embedded in
UV light Power 8W, life duration 10,000 Hrs
Heating block RT~90° C
Display screen 7 inch color touch panel
Power supply Voltage : AC 100V ~240V ; Frequency : 50/60Hz
Dimension W760 x D710 x H770 (mm) ; W27.95 x D29.92 x H30.31 (inches)
Net weight 68.5kg / 151lbs

Operating parameters

Processing capacity 1~16 samples per batch
Processing time 30-90 minutes (depends on sample type and method)
Sample volume 200μl /400μl /1,200μl
Elution volume 60/100/150/200 μl
RBC BioscienceRBC Bioscience is ISO and CE certified manufacturer of reagents and devices for Life Science and Molecular Diagnosis. With the new launch of MagCore System in 2010, RBC has officially announced its presence to international molecular diagnostic markets. We have been always dedicating ourselves at R&D to seeking the best solution for market demands about innovative products and cost saving projects. At RBC Bioscience, we think smarter to simplify your routine works in labs.