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We are now able to offer a combined service that includes rubber coated rollers such as embossing, nip, inkers, coating and/or path rollers.

Specially selected rubber compounds are used to meet your specific operations. Ranging in hardness from 30 to 100 shore we can spec. your requirements at the same time as reviewing existing anilox inventory as part of our auditing cycle.

Precision surface grinding, polishing and grooving, can be achieved to exacting standards up to 4m width rolls with a maximum O/D of 650mm.

  • Machinery & Manufacturing
Sandon GlobalSandon Global is a leading anilox roll supplier based in the United Kingdom. Sandon Global manufactures and refurbishes anilox rolls, sleeves and gravure cylinders from our specialized engineering facility. Our modern plant offers Laser and Mechanical Engineering departments allowing us to produce our anilox internally and helping us to guarantee standards and expediency.