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Merck takes safety in the laboratory very seriously. Discover our products and tools that help keep you safe in the laboratory.

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Drying agents (desiccants) from Merck are the ideal choice for your drying applications in the lab or in production and as well as for storage and transport. Our user-friendly products are suitable for a wide range of applications – from the drying of gases, liquids or solids using static or dynamic drying processes to the protection of goods and materials from moisture, mold or corrosion.

Merck’s high-quality drying agents include calcium chloride, silica gel, molecular sieves, desiccant sachets, and many more. A broad selection of products with different properties with respect to e. g. water uptake rate, absorption capacity, particle size, or regeneration possibilities ensures that you will find the suitable desiccant for your specific application.

In addition to our high-quality drying agents for laboratory applications, we provide a comprehensive range of products specially designed to minimize the effect of moisture on your products. Thanks to their high reliability, efficiency and ease of use, Merck desiccants help you to protect your valuable goods, reduce costs and increase the longevity of your products.

Focusing on the safety requirements of our customers, we offer a wide range of suitable accessories as well as the necessary expertise for precisely implementing customer wishes. Our broad range of withdrawal systems and accessories includes everything you need to ensure safe and easy handling and contamination-free withdrawal of organic solvents.

Merck withdrawal systems offer all relevant safety features required by safety regulations – from self-closing nozzles to pressure relief mechanisms to anti-static devices. All components are easily interconnectable thanks to a comprehensive selection of reducers, adapters and couplings. As a matter of course, we offer customized solutions for your needs – all the way to installing complete supply systems with central storage and supply or direct connection to your lab equipment, e.g. HPLC instruments. Choosing the right accessories can greatly increase safety and efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

Enjoy better protection, simple handling and greater flexibility with SeccoSept®. SeccoSept® septum closure has been developed to optimally protect high-quality products such as SeccoSolv dried solvents from potential contaminants.

Because accidents can happen – we offer acids in unbreakable safety bottles. Avoid consequential damage and serious injuries.

Customer Issue

Glass bottles have very long useful lives. As containers for all manner of chemicals, they remain a valuable inert material for everyday use in the laboratory. Yet however much care is taken, breakage does occur. It is something that simply has to reckoned with. Serious injury, contamination or consequential damage can be the result. You can avoid it with us!

Our Solution

All our experience in dealing with the hazard potential of acids in glass bottles has been incorporated in the specifications of the new "Safebreak" bottle, the safest safety bottle!

"Safebreak" is a glass bottle coated with polyethylene. Should e.g. the bottle fall and break, the liquid and glass splinters are reliably retained within the polyethylene coating. Each Safebreak bottle is fitted with a screw cap made of polyethylene but with an integrated PTFE component. This cap renders the bottle absolutely airtight so that no liquid or vapour can escape.

Benefits for You

The computer-designed exclusive Safebreak bottle combines all the advantages in one: It meets all safety requirements and it ensures that the customer receives exactly the same quality of content as that dispatched from us. It can be incorporated in all logistic systems.

The Safebreak bottle withstands considerable impact force. Should a breakage occur, the acid and any glass splinters can be reliably contained and the user cannot be injured by escaping acid. Even after frequent opening and closing, the screw cap remains perfectly intact so that the environment is protected from leakage and contamination. The bottle can be easily and ecologically disposed of and re-used, just as the conventional glass bottle, and the PE is burnt off without affecting the environment. No vapor can contaminate the workplace environment!

Leakproof against liquids - permeable to gas

Have you been getting your reagents such as sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide in bottles with special screw caps featuring a valve to allow any gases that may form to escape and so, as to stop the container from becoming pressurized? Have the bottles been packed in a PE bag for added safety because the reagents could diffuse through the outlet of the screw caps?

SafetyCap the intelligent closing

To avoid this problem and possible contamination, we offer you the SafetyCap. It is used for our chemical products that could build up excess pressure in bottles through chemical reaction. To prevent contamination, we supply all of the aforementioned reagents in bottles fitted with our SafetyCap. The PTFE membrane at the heart of the cap allows gas to escape but is totally impervious to liquids over a wide range of temperatures no matter what the position of the bottle, as proven by extensive storage trials and stress testing performed in our own packaging testing center. The PTFE device in the SafetyCap is there to protect the reagents, too, by not allowing gas or liquid into the bottle where it may contaminate the contents.

Advantages for you:

  • Safe working: This innovative closure system allows absolutely no liquid to escape, even if the bottle is knocked over.
  • Safe storage: Leak-proof under all temperatures and in all positions
  • Right analytical results: The SafetyCap protects our chemicals. It stops the infiltration of liquids into the bottle and thus prevents contamination.
  • Safe handling and transport: The SafetyCap is flat without any raised parts that could be broken off.

Let this packaging innovation help enhance your operations!

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