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Telstar Lifesciences - General Lab Equipment - Chemical Sterilization System Equipment

TELSTAR Chemical Sterilization System Equipment

Ethylene oxide is a very efficient sterilising agent. It is a bactericide, a sporicide and a viricide. It has a very favourable diffusion coefficient and can be used for thermo-sensitive or very delicate materials. At present, sterilization with ethylene oxide in the pharmaceutical industry in general has been restricted given the risk it entails due to its high mutagenic and carcinogenic properties. GMP's specify that this type of sterilization should only be used when no safer sterilization system can be used.

Nevertheless, the advantages of sterilization with ethylene oxide are still greater than those of any other system in the hospital single-use product industry. The leading companies in this sector still rely on ethylene oxide for the terminal sterilization of syringes, probes, catheters, pace makers, etc. The complex design of these types of hospital products makes the penetrability of the sterilizing agent one of the most critical aspects. It is in this area where ethylene oxide is far superior to any of the alternatives: hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, etc.


Available models

Technical Specifications
Chamber Measurements (mm)
Width: 1,440Height: 1,800 - 2,600Depth: 3,800 - 14,600
Chamber Volume (m³ )
9,8 - 54,7
N² of Euro Pallet
4 - 16
Technical Specifications
Chamber Measurements (mm)
Width: 2,760Height: 1,800 - 2,600Depth: 3,800 - 14,600
Chamber Volume (m³ )
18,9 - 104,8
N² of Euro Pallet
08 - 32
  • External high volume centrifuge fan, provides uniform temperature control.
  • Efficient and shorter sterilization process time thanks to pre-conditioning and degassing/aeration chambers.
  • Safe and controlled purification system.
  • Pallet automatic loading/unloading systems for ergonomics and safety.
  • Steam generator that creates humidification to cater pharmaceutical grade equipment.
  • Vaccum systems which are liquid ring pumps or oil-sealed rotary vane pumps to optimize vaccum phases
  • Cycle software programming that recognizes the flammability diagram for EtO mixtures to avoid accidental mixture of explosive substance.
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Telstar LifesciencesFor the pharmaceutical industry, clinical laboratories in hospital or private sites and for the Life Science research laboratories, TELSTAR offers a wide set of solutions in clean air technology for powder containment with booths, isolators, RABs, for work under biosafety conditions with cabinets, protection of immuno depressed patients, as well as solutions for samples preservation in ULT (ultra low temperature) deep freezers.