Making Levi’s a model partnershipEnsure performance - we inspire others to continuously strive to do better and to never give up. We insist on strong levels of performance and ensure that targets are achieved.

Making Levi’s a model partnership

Diethelm Bangkok has been working with world-famous US jeans company Levi’s® for 30 years. Initially starting with a sales and distribution agreement, after a few years, we invested in our own production facilities. Nowadays, we provide Levi’s with Market Expansion Services across the entire value chain.

Determined to help Levi’s expand its market share and ensure that their world-famous brands delight not only men but also women as well as young and rural people, DKSH convinced Levi’s to tackle these challenges through innovative campaigns.

One such campaign was the nationwide search for the Levi’s 501 man. It drew men from all major provinces to compete to become a Levi’s model. The competition brought Levi’s to new marketing territory and the winners started successful modelling careers.

It all goes to show: through inspiring others to continuously strive to do better and to never give up, DKSH has made Levi’s the No. 1 jeans brand in Thailand.