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Our IT backbone

Our IT backbone

DKSH Corporate Shared Services Center in Kuala Lumpur

Our Corporate Shared Services Center in Malaysia was created in 2004 to centralize and standardize our company’s IT platform. In line with our strategy for sustainable, profitable growth, DKSH continually reinvests in both our physical and IT infrastructures. Following the merger of DKSH in 2002, we have built an integrated IT backbone and have upgraded and improved it ever since. Incorporated in 2003, CSSC obtained the Malaysia Status Company (MSC) status in the same year, before commencing its operations in 2004. Today, it is a global hub for leading-edge IT services, setting new industry standards for market information access and comparability.

250 highly specialized IT staff develop and provide services, such as hosting the entire Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system running on SAP at the CSSC headquarters in Menara Ken TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.

Investing in IT excellence with SAP integration
All DKSH operations are running on the standardized global SAP platform, which is considered to be one of the world’s largest business applications running on SAP in Asia based on its data volume and the number of reports being generated. This superbly integrated and powerful system offers more than just scale – it also builds synergies between countries and Business Units, increases sales efficiencies, and fuels the growth of our business partners as well as for ourselves.

Our capabilities include processing up to one million invoices each month; connecting clients with hundreds of interfaces; and a network linking the global DKSH offices to the state-of-the-art SAP system, among others. In 2011, CSSC was awarded the Most Visionary winner of SAP Malaysia’s Awards for Customer Excellence (ACE).

Clients’ benefits
We provide a world class suite of solution tools to help our clients intelligently and efficiently manage their entire customer relationship and field force processes. Our in-house solutions combine best-in-class access to real-time business intelligence with multi-mode input and output options – PDA, smart phone, laptop, and network – via GSM, GPRS, WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth and RFID.