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DKSH Malaysia Empowers Orang Asli Children Through Education

DKSH Malaysia Empowers Orang Asli Children Through Education

In an effort to promote literacy and education equality for the indigenous community, DKSH has supported the Orang Asli children in Sabah and Perak by providing them better access to education.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, August 15, 2022 – DKSH, a leading partner for companies seeking to grow their businesses in Asia and beyond, has adopted two Orang Asli pre-schools in Kampung Sungai Poh, Gopeng, Perak and Kampung Kipouvo, Sabah, through a collaboration with SUKA Society – a non-governmental organization that protects and preserves the best interests of children.

The partnership with SUKA Society is part of DKSH Malaysia’s All-Round Improvement in School Education (ARISE) corporate social responsibility program, which aims to create a sustainable educational change among the communities in remote areas, where education is severely limited. The monthly sponsorship of school expenses benefits a total of 35 Orang Asli preschoolers between the ages of three to six in both villages. DKSH has been collaborating with SUKA Society on this meaningful journey for five consecutive years.

In conjunction with SUKA Society’s Hari Membaca, 11 volunteers from DKSH Malaysia’s Sabah branch office visited the Orang Asli preschool in Kampung Kipouvo to bond with the children and to donate furniture and school supplies, such as bookshelves, shoe racks, tables and chairs, mattresses, and straw floor mats. Living necessities including dry groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies were also donated to the preschool.

Anderson Selvasegaram, Executive Director of SUKA Society, said: “The majority of the Orang Asli children do not have access to proper education as, they are born into poor circumstances, which puts them at a significant disadvantage right from the start. We are grateful to have DKSH as our trusted partner, ensuring our support efforts remain sustainable and effective.” 

“Education is the key to community development. Delivering on our company’s purpose of enriching people’s lives, we see it as our duty to make a positive impact in the lives of these marginalized children and help them reach their full potential," said Puneet Mishra, Head Country Management and Vice President, FMCG, DKSH Malaysia.