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  • Promotion alert: Prices as low as RM6 for Techni Ice Ice Packs

  • Promotion alert: Prices as low as RM6 for Techni Ice Ice Packs

The latest technology in temperature retention!

Are you looking for an ice box cooler or ice chest cooler that outperforms the competition? Then look no further. Products from Australia’s Techni Ice products are renowned for having the best ice retention, such as the famous Techni Ice cooler range.

Limited-time prices!

Techni Ice Disposable Ice Packs

The two-layer STD product with plastic on one side and fabric on the other is designed for the one-way transport of food and perishables, pathology samples, vaccines etc. or to be given to customers with their seafood, chocolate, cheese, etc. during the warmer months and is not to be sold in the consumer market. It is ideal for transporters and exporters of food and perishables, pathology samples, and generally any product that requires refrigeration and going one way.

Techni Ice Reusable Ice Packs

When used as recommended, Techni Ice stays frozen for days - six times longer than ice and 3 times longer than gel packs and most other ice packs when used in the same volumes. Techni Ice is a food grade product which remains flexible when frozen, can be cut to size and is completely safe and non-toxic. Techni Ice is reusable for years. Besides a cold pack Techni Ice also doubles as a Heat Pack. The same sheet of techni Ice can be used as both a hot pack and cool pack.


Techni Ice Ice packs are the market's latest technology in retaining temperature. They work even better than dry ice and are reusable, helping you save costs. Get in touch to conduct a sample test for your specialized industrial application.

Function: Retain quality of blood samples under controlled temperature


  • Blood can be transported for up to 72 hours
  • Ice Packs are Reusable

Function: Can be used as Cold/Hot Pack


  • Can be cut to ANY size
  • Multi-functional
  • Washable and Reusable

Function: Substitute ice/dry ice to keep food fresh


  • Maintains temperature of raw food, cold food or fruit
  • Keeps food warm during delivery

Function: Maintain the temperature of frozen food


  • Transport frozen items for up to 72 hours using courier
  • Comes with Food grade certifications

TechniIce Sheet/Pack Challenge: How much longer does a Techni Ice Sheet Prolong The Life Of Ice?

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