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J.MORITA Lubrina

The Lubrina handpiece maintenance unit of Morita is a real time- and cost-saver, for any dental practice, servicing up to four handpieces in as little as 100 seconds. Purging and lubricating all types of handpieces, Lubrina is also extremely economical in spraydeployment. What is more, Lubrina is the first lubrication unit with a built-in chuck maintenance system.

Technical Specifications

Power rating AC 100 - 240 V; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 18 VA
Operating air pressure 0.3 - 0.5 MPa / 43.5 - 72.5 psi
Recommended air pressure 0.35 MPa / 50.8 psi
Air flow 40 – 60 NL/min. (1.41 - 2.12 CFM)
Weight approx. 22 lb. (10kg)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 300 x 370 x 300 mm

Key Features

Whether contra-angle and straight handpieces, air turbines and air scalers, Lubrina offers you highly efficient and user-friendly handpiece maintenance - fully automatic. By replacing the joints, Lubrina can make the maintenance of the contra-angle of Tri Auto ZX and DentaPort ZX, the air turbine handpiece (ISO 9168 joint) and contra –angle and straight handpieces from other manufacturers (ISO 3964 joint).

Lubrina can service up to four handpieces in 100 sec. – including lubrication, purging and chuck maintenance. Compared with manual lubrication, Lubrina requires only 1/3 of the lubricant.

Lubrina is the first handpiece maintenance unit with a built-in chuck maintenance system (only for Morita's instruments

Featuring a one-of-a-kind dual lubrication system, Lubrina enables lubrication of two instruments with one spray -or, if so desired, the use of two different sprays. Lubrina requires no special spray. It can be operated with any authorized brand by using an optional spray base adapter.

The air suction system eliminates lubricant mist, so there is less smell by oil. Excess lubricant goes to the lubricant absorber through a return circuit to keep clean the operating area, resulting in a seamless cleaning process.

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J. MORITA CorporationSince its establishment in 1916 as a dental equipment and material importer, MORITA CORPORATION has developed in tandem with the dental industry in Asia. Through various international activities, we have taken a vital role in introducing the latest overseas dental instruments, materials and dentistry knowledge to the Asian market. We have actively and creatively, developed original dental equipment and materials to meet new needs in association with the progress of Asian dentistry technology. Our high quality products have also been exported, thus contributing to the development of dentistry worldwide.
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