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Koehler - Aquamax Total Acid Number (TAN) Titrator

The Aquamax TAN titrator is easy to operate: simply calibrate, run a blank, select the correct preprogrammed TAN analysis, and the titrator performs the analysis. Intuitive function guide display walks you through operation. Results are displayed on screen in units of KOH/g and are also stored via internal data logger. Flexible data management options allow for export of readings to a PC or printer. TiCOM software (order separately below) allows viewing and printing of sample input, blank, and titration measurement data. Optional thermal printer accessory allows for the printing of results data. Order separately below.

Technical specifications

Dispensing accuracy Dispensing repeatability Capacity Resolution Input Output
GP-94100-35 ±0.2% for volumes higher than 10% of syring ±0.1% for volumes higher than 10% of syringe 10 mL syringe 1/40000 of syringe volume two BNC connectors two RS-232 ports for connection to a PC, printer, telephone connector, or balance
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