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Koehler - Gas Chromatography System for Free and Total Glycerin

This simple-to-use biodiesel GC system is ideal for the quantitative determination of free and total glycerin in B100 methyl esters by gas chromatography. The calibrated results are displayed directly, eliminating off-line calculations.

Both the carrier gas and the Flame Ionization Detector (FID) combustion gas are controlled by programmable Electronic Pressure Controllers (EPCs). EPCs not only provide rock-solid retention time reproducibility, but allow the carrier gas to be pressure ramped (just as the column oven is temperature ramped) from the built-in PeakSimple data system.

The on-column injector is ideal for 1⁄8" packed and 0.53-mm wide-bore capillary columns, and is suitable for analyses ranging from methane to heavy, high-boiling hydrocarbons (C44+). The column oven accepts column cage diameters up to four inches, is programmable to 752°F (400°C), and recycles quickly with its high-speed cool-down fans.

Technical specifications

Module 1 Power supply Power (VAC, Hz)
GP-34009-07 Gas chromatography system for free and total glycerin 115,50/60
GP-34009-09 Gas chromatography system for free and total glycerin 230,50/60

Key features

  • Includes powerful PeakSimple™ USB data system - connect GC and your Windows® computer for a complete analytical system
  • Comprehensive display shows the temperature, pressure, and voltage control
  • Ambient to 400°C temperature controllable column oven
  • Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) for all GC system gases, including carrier gas, to ensure user safety
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