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Koehler - Manual Vacuum Distillation System

Test the range of boiling points for petroleum and biofuel products with this vacuum distillation system. The sample is distilled at a reduced pressure and the initial and final boiling points are measured. A distillation curve can be generated relating volume percent distilled and the atmospheric equivalent boiling point temperature.

Main body of the system is constructed of an aluminum frame and cold rolled steel walls with a clear protective door for added safety. Digital controller displays both overhead and flask temperature, along with vacuum reading. Built-in fan reduces cooling time of the distilling flask for shorter turnaround times between tests.

Optional vacuum pump kit (59876-82) includes a vacuum pump, hose nozzle, hinged clamp, outlet filter, filter clamp, one liter of vacuum oil, connection tubing, and two hose clamps.

Technical specifications

Module 1 Description Power (VAC, Hz) Shipping weight
GP-59876-80 Manual vacuum distillation system 115,60 120 lb (54.4kg)
GP-59876-81 Manual vacuum distillation system 220-240, 50/60 120 lb (54.4kg)
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