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Oxidation stability is determined by exposing the sample to a measured oxygen flow at elevated temperature in the presence of metal catalysts.

Available models

Conforms to the specifications of
IP 48, IP 280, IP 306, IP 307, IP 335
Testing Capacity
Twelve samples
Temperature Range
80 to 200°C
Temperature Uniformity
Air Flow Control
Standard Model: 1L/h to each sample
IP 48 Model: 15L/h to each sample

Constant temperature aluminum block type bath for oxidation stability tests in accordance with the Institute of Petroleum (IP) testing methods. Accommodates twelve sets of oxidation and absorption tubes. Insulated block bath operates efficiently at temperatures of up to 200°C (392°F). Microprocessor PID control provides quick temperature stabilization without overshoot, and the bath is protected by a an overtemperature control circuit that interrupts power should block temperature exceed a programmed cut-off point. Dual LED displays provide actual and setpoint temperature values in °C/°F format. Communications software (RS232, etc.), ramp-to-set and other enhanced features are available as extra cost options. Contact your Koehler representative for information. A bank of twelve flowmeters on a movable stand regulates oxygen flow at 1 ±0.1L/h to each oil sample per IP specifications. Includes soap bubble flowmeter for checking oxygen flow rate.


  • Conforms to IP specifications
  • Twelve-sample testing capability
  • Microprocessor programmable high accuracy temperature control
Conforms to the specifications of
ASTM D525, D873; IP 40, IP 138; ISO 7536;
Solid Block Baths: 0-1300W or 0-2500W 2 Unit Water/Liquid Bath: 0-2000W 6 Unit Water/Liquid Bath: 0-3000W
Maximum Temperature
Solid Block Baths: 250°F (121°C) 2 Unit Water/Liquid Bath: boiling water 6 Unit Water/Liquid Bath: 250°F (121°C)

Provides an indication of the tendency of gasoline and aviation fuels to form gum in storage. The sample is oxidized inside a stainless steel pressure vessel initially charged with oxygen at 100psi (689kPa) and heated in a boiling water bath. The amount of time required for a specified drop in pressure (gasoline) or the amount of gum and precipitate formed after a specific aging period (aviation fuels) is determined.


  • Oxidation Stability Test Apparatus
  • Conforms to ASTM D525, D873, ISO 7536 and related specifications
  • Oxidata® Pressure Measurement System
  • Available in two, four or six-unit configurations
  • Choice of water/liquid or solid block heating baths
  • Oxidation pressure vessel incorporates burst disk assembly
  • Water/Liquid Oxidation Baths
  • Water/liquid baths conforming to ASTM and related specifications.
  • Constant temperature baths for heating K10500 Oxidation Pressure
  • Vessels in accordance with ASTM specifications.
  • Solid Block Oxidation Baths
  • Solid block baths conforming to ASTM and related specifications.
  • Constant temperature baths for heating K10500 Oxidation Pressure
  • Vessels in accordance with ASTM specifications.
  • Mechanical Pressure Measuring and Recording Equipment
  • One-pen or two-pen mechanical recorders
  • Pressure gauge for aviation fuel tests
  • Oxidata® Pressure Measurement Systems
  •  Electronic pressure measurement systems exclusively designed for ASTM oxidation test methods
  • Powerful Oxidata® software for Windows® environments
  • Monitors up to twelve pressure and four temperature channels
  • Automatic end-point detection
  • Real-time average bath temperature display
  • Can be installed to most manufacturer's fuels oxidation test apparatus
Conforms to the specifications of
ASTM D942; IP 142; DIN 51808; FTM 791-3453
Oxidation Bath
Capacity: four (4) oxidation pressure vessels
Temperature Range
ambient to 275°F (135°C)
Bath Medium
12.5 gal (47.3L) white technical oil

The sample is oxidized in a pressure vessel initially charged with oxygen at 110psi (758kPa) and maintained at elevated temperature for a specified aging period. The pressure drop inside the pressure vessel is measured by means of a gauge or transducer.


  • Conforms to ASTM D942 and related specifications
  • Four sample testing capability
  • Available Oxidata® Pressure Measurement System
  • Chemical
  • Education & Academics
  • Environmental
  • Oil & Gas
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