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Questron Technologies - Automated Digestion System - QPrep Liquid Transfer

The QPrep Automated Workstation provides an integrated solution for precise sample Laboratory dilutions, Liquid Transfers, dispensing and other Automated Liquid Handling Systems functions for the laboratory. The system is designed to handle precise reagent delivery for a large number of samples in multiple rack configurations. Automating the handling of expensive and hazardous chemicals helps to increase the profitability and safety of the laboratory. The automated dispensing machine is controlled by a PC and the software is easy to use and customize for standard and unique applications.

Key features

  • Spikes sample with internal standards
  • Prepares calibration and QC standards
  • Serial dilutions and aliquot transfers
  • Consistent and precise reagent addition
  • Adds reagents consistently

QPrep work station

Questron Technologies

Questron develops highly accurate laboratory workstations instruments, automated analytical laboratories and provides custom-tailored automated lab systems solutions. We specialize in manufacturing analytical automated laboratory workstations and instruments that enable you to understand your materials. Reliable data enables scientists, researchers, and engineers to proceed with confidence in research and product development, manage and control manufacturing quality and optimize their output. Our products are created in a dialog with our customers and integrate seamlessly into their working environment. They exactly meet customers’ requirements and are the solutions for the challenges they face.
Questron has been consistently contributing advancements in the field of advanced microwave sample preparation and digestion. we have automated lab systems instruments installed worldwide covering large and small research institutions, as well as universities and industrial laboratories.