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Liebherr - ChamferCut - LD C Series

After chamfering with the patented ChamferCut technology, no additional machining is necessary. There is no need for a second cut, which is often required during the deformation-based deburring process for the removal of build-up material. With the chamfering process, the exact chamfer form is produced. In contrast to deformation-based processes, the material structure is not affected. An optimal starting point is created for the subsequent finishing of hardened gears, particularly gear honing. The quality of such chamfers defines a new standard – with maximum repetitive accuracy.

Chamfered edges of gears prevent damage during workpiece transport, heat treatment cracks and gear wear. They facilitate the assembly process and improve the tool life. Chamfering with ChamferCut delivers a high-quality chamfer with repetitive accuracy – and is more cost-effective compared to press deburring and deburring with end mills. Chamfering is very popular among car and commercial vehicle manufacturers, as well as in gear and engine manufacturing. The process can also be integrated into existing production systems.



Available models

Model Name
LD 180 C / LD 280 C
Min. workpiece (mm)
Max. workpiece (mm)
180 / 280
Max. workpiece weight (kg)
8 / 15
Min./max. tool (mm)
Dimensions* (L x W x H) (mm)
1,730 x 1,300 x 2,454

*Compact design: 2.25 m² of floor space If space a constrain, the control cabinet can also be set up separately

The LD 180/280 C is the most powerful and most compact stand-alone chamfering machine on the market. Workpieces with a diameter of up to 280 mm and up to module 6 mm can be chamfered down to the tooth root easily and with precision. The machine is very easy to operate, and first centring is automatic.

For increased ergonomic and simplified set-up, it is possible to swivel the chamfer hob head by 90 degrees so that the tool can be easily inserted from either operator side.

Model Name
LD 300 C
Max. module (mm)
Max. workpiece length (mm)
Max workpiece diameter (mm)
Max. workpiece weight (kg)
Max. tool diameter (mm)
Max. spindle speed (rpm)

Depending on the cycle time, the LD 300 C can deburr workpieces from two or more hobbing machines.

Advantages of this Machine:

  • Simple adjustment of corrections via CNC axes
  • Optimized workpiece clamping
  • Fast set-up
  • Chamfering as dry machining
  • Both-sided chamfering of the workpieces
  • Simple corrections at varying flank modifications
  • Hook-ready design for simple and fast installation
  • Cutting direction when chamfering can be chosen freely (optional)
  • Automatic loading with flexible ring loader principle (robot or gantry loading also possible)
  • Proven loading principle from LC machines
  • Flexible automation, e.g. via plastic chain conveyor
  • User-friendly entry

Key Features

  • Very precise chamfer geometry
  • Premium chamfer quality and reproducibility
  • No bulging or material deformation
  • Standard tooth-root chamfering
  • Established process in gear production
  • Very long tool life
  • ChamferCut tools can be re-sharpened approx. 20 times easily and cost-effectively
  • Lower tool costs compared to alternative processes
  • Short amortization period due to low tool costs
  • Applications for gears with module 0.8-42 mm
  • 2nd cut not needed for gear hobbing - longer tool life for the hobbing tool
  • Short setup time
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
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