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Accu-Assembly - AccuEye

AccuEye™ is a machine vision system designed for through hole component inspection. The design of the system is radically different from the traditional Surface Mount Technology (SMT) inspection machine.

AccuEye™ is not data driven but uses images of a known good board to compare with the incoming production boards. The idea is very similar to optical comparator and hence the name Automatic Comparative Inspection machine (ACI). The ACI is particularly suitable for through hole components inspection because of the diverse component geometry of the through hole components. While it is not data driven, it retains some of the attributes of a surface mount inspection machine such as image offset compensation using fudicials.

Key Features

  • Top/Bottom Inspection in one pass
  • Wide Field of View for large Components
  • Conveyor inlet Height and Optics  to handle tall components up to 90mm
  • Available Heavy Duty Chain Conveyor
  • Fast Automatic Comparative Inspection Algorithm
  • Ease of Programming with Offline Programming capabilities

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Max. Field of View Single Camera 200mm L x 170 mm W
Max. Field of View Double Camera 200mm L x 340mm W
Electrical Requirements 110VAC/230VAC Selectable
Conveyor Loading (Belt) ≤ 2 kg
Conveyor Loading (Chain) ≤ 10 kg
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
Accu-Assembly IncAccu Assembly Inc is a leading supplier of high-quality, custom assembly solutions for various industries, including medical, automotive, and electronics. With over 20 years of experience, they specialize in turnkey solutions, from design and prototyping to final assembly and packaging. Their innovative AccuEye inspection system ensures that every product meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy.