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Nabertherm - Process Control

As one of the worldwide largest furnace manufacturers Nabertherm has long-term experience in design and construction of both, standard and customized control systems. All controls convince by comfortable operation and a wide variety of functions, even in the basic version.

Also for compliance with industry-specific standards that define process control and documentation, such as for example, the AMS2750F for aviation, the CQI-9 in the automotive industry or the FDA in the pharmaceutical industry we offer standardized solutions.

Process Control and Documentation

Standard controllers

Our extensive line of standard controllers satisfies most customer requirements. Based on the specific furnace model, the controller regulates the furnace temperature reliably and is equipped with an integrated USB-interface for documentation of process data (NTLog/NTGraph).

The standard controllers are developed and fabricated within the Nabertherm group. When developing controllers, our focus is on ease of use. The user can choose between 24 languages. From a technical standpoint, these devices are custom-fit for each furnace model or the associated application. From the simple controller with an adjustable temperature to the control unit with freely configurable control parameters, stored programs and PID microprocessor control with self-diagnosis system, we have a solution to meet your requirements.

Optionally available: Communication module with Ethernet connection for Series 500/Series 400 controllers with the following functions: Connection to higher-level systems with setpoint setting and display via a web server.

PLC controls

This professional process control with PLC controls for single and multi-zone furnaces is based on Siemens hardware and can be adapted and upgraded extensively. HiProSystems control is used when process-dependent functions, such as exhaust air flaps, cooling fans, automatic movements, etc., have to be handled during a cycle, when furnaces with more than one zone have to be controlled, when special documentation of each batch is required and when remote service is required. It is flexible and is easily tailored to your process or documentation needs.

MyNabertherm App

MyNabertherm app – the powerful and free digital accessory for Nabertherm 500 Series Controllers. Use the app for convenient online progress monitoring of your Nabertherm furnaces – from your office, while on the way or from wherever you wish. The app always keeps you in the picture. Just like the controller itself, the app is also available in 24 languages.


  • Convenient monitoring of one or multiple Nabertherm furnaces simultaneously
  • Clear presentation as a dashboard
  • Individual overview of a furnace
  • Display of active/inactive furnaces
  • Operating status
  • Current process data

Temperature uniformity

Temperature uniformity is defined as the maximum temperature deviation in the work space of the furnace. There is a general difference between the furnace chamber and the work space. The furnace chamber is the total volume available in the furnace. The work space is smaller than the furnace chamber and describes the volume which can be used for charging.

Process data storage and data input via PC

There are various options for evaluation and data input the processes for optimal process documentation and data storage. The following options are suitable for data storage when using the standard controllers.

  • Data Storing of Nabertherm Controllers with NTLog Basic
  • Visualization with NTGraph for MS Windows™ for Single-Zone Controlled Furnaces
  • Software NTEdit for MS Windows™ for Entering Programs on the PC
  • VCD-Software for Visualization, Control and Documentation

Process data storage

The following options are available for industrial process documentation and the recording of data from several furnaces. These can be used to document the process data for the PLC controls.

Nabertherm control center – NCC

PC-based Control, Process Visualization and Process Documentation Software

The Nabertherm Control Center as PC-supported furnace controls offers an ideal extension for furnaces with PLC based HiProSystem controls. The system has proven itself in many applications with increased demands on documentation and process reliability and also for convenient multi-furnace management. Many customers from the automotive, aviation, medical technology or technical ceramics sectors have been working successfully with this powerful software.

Nabertherm Control Center

VCD Software for standard controllers

NaberthermWith 500 employees worldwide, Nabertherm has been developing and manufacturing industrial kilns and furnaces for a wide range of applications for over 70 years. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm probably has the widest and deepest range of ovens in the world. 150,000 customers in over 100 countries around the world prove the company's success. Nabertherm stands for highest quality "Made in Germany", modern design based on State-of-the-Art technology and a convincing price/performance ratio. Professional engineering in combination with in-house production allows for the planning and construction of customer-specific thermal processing systems, tailored to the customer's application. Many processes can already be represented with a furnace from the standard range. Complex thermal production processes are implemented using tailor-made system solutions.