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In conjunction with worldwide partners Shimadzu and Wega Informatik, Teledyne Hanson offers four on-line UV-Vis configurations for your Vision® G2 Classic 6™ or G2 Elite 8™ dissolution testers. Each configuration incorporates the Teledyne Hanson UV-1900 series, the spectrophotometer with the highest resolution in its class, as well as cutting-edge ARGUS/Dissolution application software from Wega Informatik for pharmaceutical dissolution testing.

Available models

The Teledyne Hanson UV-1900 series is a compact, double-beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer wrapped in a sleek form. The UV-1900 series, made by Shimadzu for Teledyne Hanson, uses the Czerny-Turner mounting for its monochromator, and boasts the highest resolution in its class, a bright optical system, and a compact design. Like Vision instruments, the UV-1900 series is USB-memory ready, which enables you to save measurement data to highly versatile USB memory, and to perform data analysis and printing using a PC.

ARGUS/Dissolution is a revolutionary scientific dissolution data management software tool for instrument control and advanced data acquisition, management, processing and reporting. Whether you perform dissolution tests occasionally or several times each day, ARGUS/Dissolution will make you more productive in running tests and analyzing results. Developed according to regulations set forth in 21 CFR Part 11, ARGUS/Dissolution automatically creates detailed audit trails to record changes of methods, analyses, system configurations, and other relevant data. The client-server architecture of the ARGUS platform perfectly fits into your corporate network to control your dissolution tester hardware, retrieve and store methods from a documents database, and more. ARGUS/Dissolution simplifies how you collect and report dissolution test results by letting you choose the analysis template that matches the way you work.

Closed loop with peri-pump

The Closed Loop system is ideal for those who only want their samples analyzed and returned right back into the dissolution vessels. This configuration utilizes an Ismatec Peri-Pump to pull samples directly from your Vision dissolution tester. Samples pass through the UV-1900 series, connected to a Windows workstation operating ARGUS/Dissolution software, where they are measured and analyzed. After analysis, samples are returned to their original vessels, thus closing the system loop.

Single Detect & Collect

The Single-Bath Detect & Collect system allows for collection of samples that have been pushed through the UV-1900 series spectrophotomoter connected to a Windows workstation running ARGUS/Dissolution software. After analysis, samples are collected in the Vision AutoFill.

Two-Bath Detect & Collect

The Two-Bath Detect & Collect system expands on the Single-Bath Detect & Collect system, providing the ability to sample from two Vision dissolution testers during the same test. The system employs two Vision G2 Classic 6 dissolution testers or two Vision G2 Elite 8 dissolution testers, configured with AutoMag™ or SuperMag™ magazines. Precision aliquots are withdrawn from the dissolution tester by the Vision AutoPlus autosampler and pushed through the UV-1900 series spectrophotomoter connected to a standard Windows workstation running ARGUS/Dissolution software. After samples are measured and analyzed, they are collected in the Vision AutoFill.

Three-Bath Detect & Collect

The Three-Bath Detect & Collect system provides the capability to analyze and collect samples from three Vision G2 Classic 6 dissolution testers, or three Vision G2 Elite 8 dissolution testers paired with AutoMag™ or SuperMag™ magazines. Samples are pulled, analyzed, and collected in the same manner as the Single-Bath Detect & Collect and Two-Bath Detect and Collect systems.

Teledyne HansonTeledyne Hanson is a global technology company that specializes in analytical test instruments for the pharmaceutical industry. Founded in 1951 by Dr. William A. Hanson, innovator of modern dissolution and diffusion test technology, Teledyne Hanson helps ensure the world’s pharmaceuticals are pure, safe, and effective by manufacturing equipment that sets the global standard for quality, innovation, and long-term value. Teledyne Hanson instruments are used by scientists in over 75 countries worldwide and are supported by the industry’s top customer service team.