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Leica Microsystems provides a broad range of microscope accessories to perfectly tailor your imaging system for your needs and budget. View our catalog of illumination, objectives, filter cubes, filter wheels and more.

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Available models

Sharing Microscope Images on an iPad Leica DMshare

Leica DMshare allows the wireless transfer of images of selected Microscope Cameras to one or multiple iPad®.

Leica DMshare provides a live display of what you and the camera can see wireless on one or multiple iPads. This makes it easy to visualize images and share the microscope experience with others. This feature is enhanced further when multiple users are connected to the same camera – an excellent setup for teaching and discussion. Taking a picture is easy; you simply tap anywhere inside a large Live Image area on the iPad screen. This design makes it possible to capture images on the iPad whilst viewing through the oculars of your microscope.

Multi-spectral photo manipulation tool Infinity Scanner

Activate, ablate and bleach in one experiment.

The Infinity Scanner is a versatile multi-spectral photomanipulation tool designed to deliver flexibility and ease-of-use for advanced imaging applications. Whether you need to bleach, cut, activate, stimulate or even combine multiple techniques, the Infinity scanner can be configured to address your needs.

High speed vector scanning capabilities allow you to not only have precise control, but to take full advantage of the camera-based widefield system of the DMi8 S to capture the fastest cellular processes.

DMi8 S module Infinity TIRF

Observe samples with outstanding clarity, control, and confidence with DMi8 S and Infinity TIRF. For dynamic processes at the cell surface, TIRF (Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence) microscopy is the method of choice to visualize single molecules with super-resolution by maximizing the fluorescent signal-to-noise ratio.

The Infinity TIRF module delivers versatile application possibilities with simultaneous multi-color EPI, Hi-Lo and TIRF illumination capability, as well as a high power illumination option for super-resolution applications.

Fluorescence LED Illumination Source Leica SFL4000

The Leica SFL4000 combines up to 5 different high power LEDs in one illumination device with very convenient touch panel control. Operation is very easy, and comfortable:

No centering of the LED is needed, and plug and play and on-/off-switching without any waiting time is speeding up the workflow. High signal to noise ratio and low bleaching/cell toxicity lead to high quality fluorescence life cell images.

Homogenous and stable light intensity makes this device the optimal tool also for long time experiments.

Fluorescence Illumination LED Light Source Leica SFL100

The Leica SFL100 boosts the efficiency of fluorescence microscopy in pathology, cytology, microbiology, and many other fields.

This compact, attractively priced fluorescence illumination source is ideal for FITC applications as used in immunohistochemistry, for example.  

Operation is very easy, and comfortable: No centering of the LED is needed, and fast on-/off-switching without any waiting time is speeding up the workflow.

External light source for fluorescence excitation Leica EL6000

The Leica EL6000 external light source for enhanced fluorescence imaging connects via a liquid light guide to all Leica Microsystems’ upright, inverted, and stereo microscopes.

The Leica EL6000 keeps heat away from the specimen and microscope and uses an alignment-free, mercury metal halide bulbwith an extremely long lifetime of more than 2000 hours.

This reduces operating costs and saves the time it takes for centering lamp housings. The Leica EL6000 has an integrated fast shutter, which is fully supported by the Leica LAS AF software.

Automatic supply of water immersion during experiments Leica Water Immersion Micro Dispenser

Water objectives allow for aberration free focusing into samples. Moving into the sample will cause no loss of contrast. During screening or mark and find experiments the immersion film can be disrupted. The Water Immersion Micro Dispenser overcomes these problems by adding immersion automatically during a running experiment.

This allows for applications with high resolution water objectives, for example:

  • Live-cell experiments at 37°C
  • Long-term live-cell experiments
  • Screening
  • Well plate acquisition

LED Fluorescence Lightsource with Software Control Leica SFL7000

The new Leica SFL7000 LED illumination is the perfect solution for high-speed applications. Fast live cell experiments in particular benefit from the full software integration and the precise real-time synchronization. The new LED light source can be precisely adjusted or switched on and off in less than 1 ms – always synchronized with other components of the high-speed experiment. The Leica SFL7000 therefore opens up completely new avenues in cell research.

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