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Stereo microscopes from Leica Microsystems are customizable and modular to meet your specific applications and tasks. Below are just some of the many stages, stands, and light bases available to enhance your imaging workflow.

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Available models

Transmitted Light Bases TL3000 Ergo & TL5000 Ergo

Lighting and contrast methods are crucial for experiments and sample inspections of all kinds. They allow recognition of hidden details and help operators to reach the right conclusions.

The illumination and contrast options of the TL3000 Ergo & TL5000 Ergo transmitted light bases reveal more structural information in your samples through high resolution (NA 0.73 resp. NA 0.9), high color fidelity, and optimized contrasting.

See more details and drive decisions for:

  • C. elegans, zebrafish, or oocytes in life sciences
  • Plastics, air inclusions, or silicones in industrial applications
  • Fibers and hair in forensic applications
  • Geological specimens and crystals in earth sciences

Corr. Objective for Stereo Microscopes Leica PLAN APO 2.0x CORR Objective

With the Leica PLAN APO 2.0x CORR Objective, the refractive index can be adjusted – this way you will have pin-sharp images even if there is a water column of 5 mm between your sample and the objective. The objective enables users to observe and document samples as if the water did not exist.

When observing samples immersed in a watery solution, structures tend to blur especially in high magnification. This is due to the different refractive indices of air (index = 1) and water (index = 1.3). Potentially interesting or important structures may be easily misinterpreted through spherical aberrations that may occur as regular objectives are dedicated to the use with samples surrounded by air only. 

Accurate and Reproducible Results Leica LMT260 XY Scanning Stage

You need high precision for your time-lapse experiments such as mark and find or multi-well screenings? We know that every micrometer counts when imaging several samples at different XY positions. The Leica LMT260 XY Scanning Stage sports a repeatability of 0.25 µm for a sample weight below 0.5 kg and still of 1 µm for a heavy load of 1.5 kg – all this at a resolution of 5 nm.

The Leica LMT260 XY Scanning Stage uses a magneto-resistive measurement system and two linear motors to produce such accurate and reproducible results with stereo microscopes. Two linear motors move the stage to the point of interest in X and Y direction swiftly and quietly. Yet, the stage can be moved manually any time. Due to absolute measurements, users will not need to reference after initializing the stage and may concentrate on their work.

The stage is also ideally suited when it comes to scanning large areas with high magnification. The software divides the sample into a grid. The stage moves along this grid to the points of interest and the camera takes pictures. The images are joined to form one high-resolution picture by the software modules Multistep of Leica Application Suite (LAS) or Tile Scans with LAS Advanced Fluorescence.

Modular stands for handling larger samples Leica Swingarm Stands

Leica Swingarm Stands (boom stands) are ideal to handle large samples. The high modularity allows to customize these standsdepending on sample size and weight of the configuration. Focus arms and drives provide multiple mounting options and more safety features.

Rack and pinion system of the “Large” version allows easy height positioning, even for heavy stereomicroscopes and grease-free parts prevent specimen contamination. Special vibration dampening feet for standard and large base plate actively absorbs vibration up to 50% compared to traditional feet.

Ideal to screen over a large object Leica Flexarm Stand

The Leica Flexarm stand can rotate 360° and has a radius of up to one meter, making it highly mobile. This allows for convenient viewing of large samples, which should not or can not be moved.

This is ideal for inspection, assembly and quality control in electronics manufacturing, in dental laboratories and many other applications.

Modular stand allows inspection of large samples at high stereoscopic magnifications Leica XL Stand

The Leica XL Stand, modular solution, allows inspection of large samples at high stereoscopic magnifications for applications such as printed circuit boards inspection, forensic toolmark or documentation examination and TFT/LCD inspection. 

The XY stage (optional) has a special ESD matt with snap fastener, which when combined with the large base plate, grounds the system to avoid ESD damage to sensitive electronic components. The XY stage (optional) supports large sample sizes up to 400 X 450mm and the stages 300 X 300mm travel distance handles sample sizes up to 12” X 12” so documents up to A4 can be inspected at one time without repositioning.

Mobile floor stand for inspection of large samples Leica F12 I

Applicable for art restoration, forensic and industry

The Leica F12 I is a mobile floor stand with an excellent positioning flexibility. The 360° rotating horizontal arm and the flex-arm systemprovides a total extension of max. 1.2 m, which is ideal for stereoscopic inspections at tables or walls.

The compact and lightweight and long-life Leica LED Illumination solutions extend your instrument to an optimized system for outstanding workings.

The Leica F12 I floor stand has been designed for routine Stereo Microscopes with low weight and provides an excellent price-/performance ratio.

Transmitted Light Base For Brightfield and Darkfield Applications Absorbs Shock and Vibrations for High Quality Imaging Leica TL4000 BFDF

The Leica TL4000 BFDF light base for brightfield and darkfield applications combines a large working area, slide-on™ mechanics, and anti-shock™, anti-vibration pads to provide the ideal solution for demanding darkfield samples.

The adjustable stand provides an easy change from brightfield to darkfield, which allows high contrast of stained amplitude specimens.

The optional xy stage serves to position any sample using slide-on™ mechanics, which allows transmitted light at the focal point.

Motorfocus system for stereomicroscopes Leica Motorfocus

The purpose of the Leica motorfocus system is to provide motordriven coarse and fine focusing by means of a manual control, a footswitch, or through a computer. Five exact focus settings can be stored.

Because of its modular design, the motorfocus system easily integrates with the incident-and transmitted-light stands of the Leica M125, M165 C, M205 A, M205 C, M165 FC and M205 FA stereomicroscopes.

Accurate Microscope-stage for Temperature Sensitive Samples Leica MA TS

The Leica MATS heating system for microscopes and stereomicroscopes provides sensitive microscopic specimen imaging under accurate temperature conditions.

The automatic temperature control allows temperature setting in 0.1°C increments up to a maximum of 50° for accurate reproducibility.  An integrated temperature sensor ensures even, consistent thermal conductivity over the entire surface of the stage to prevent overheating or temperature drops. 

Temperature stability over long time periods allows the user to perform time-lapse experiments accurately and safely.

Fluorescence stereomicroscope accessory Leica FluoCombi III

The Leica FluoCombi III, an accessory for the Leica M165 FCfluorescence stereomicroscope, allows combining 3D observation and high-resolution imaging within one instrument by simply switching between stereo objective and a 5x HR objective.

The stereo mode offers large object fields, working distance and depth of field. Switching to the parfocal and parcentral HR objective enables parallax-free documentation down to finest cellular structures- an ideal tool for genetic applications such as screening, sorting, and dissecting drosophila.

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