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Metrohm - Misa Basic

Metrohm Instant SERS Analyzer (Misa) is a high performance, portable analyzer system used for rapid, trace level detection / identification of illicit materials, food additives and food contaminants. Misa features a high-efficiency spectrograph equipped with Metrohm's unique Orbital-Raster-Scan (ORS) technology. It has a minimal footprint and extended battery life, perfect for on-site testing or mobile laboratory applications. Misa offers various Laser Class 1 attachments for flexible sampling options. Analyzer operation is available through BlueTooth or USB connectivity.

The Misa Basic package allows users to customize Misa to suit their needs. It is a starter package that contains the basic components for performing SERS analyses using Metrohm's nanoparticle solutions.

The Misa Basic package includes the Misa instrument, a Misa Vial Attachment, a USB Mini Cable, a USB Power Supply and Misa Cal software for operating the instrument.

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Technical specifications

Ambient conditions
Nominal function range –20 to +50 °C
Storage and transport –20 to +50 °C
Energy supply
Internal battery specifications 3.6 V, Li-Ion
Nominal input voltage 5 V DC
Power consumption max. 500 mA
W x H x D 110 mm x 80 mm x 220 mm
Weight 1,100 g
Operating specifications
Laser wavelength 785 nm ± 0.5 nm
Laser output power ≤ 100 mW
Wavenumber range 400–2,300 cm -1
Detection technique Orbital Raster Scan (ORSTM) to average over the sample

Key features

  • Instant results
  • Straightforward operation, no chemistry know-how required
  • Intuitive guided workflows
  • Green chemistry – reduce the amount of chemicals and solvents used
  • Operation via mobile app or laptop computer
  • Complete trace detection solution
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Oil & Gas
  • Polymers, Plastics and Rubbers
  • Powders & Pigments / Coating
MetrohmFounded in 1943 by the engineer Bertold Suhner, Metrohm is one of the world’s leading maker of instruments for chemical analysis. Metrohm is unique in offering solutions for all varieties of ion analysis. Besides the above, the Metrohm product lines also include a complete portfolio for NIR-/ and Raman spectroscopy, software, dosing systems and solutions for laboratory automation. Metrohm is owned 100% by the Swiss Metrohm foundation and is represented in more than 120 countries by its own subsidiaries or exclusive distributors, respectively. Customers are supported with unparalleled application know-how and service.
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