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Rational combi oven CombiMaster® and Self cooking center

Rational Cooking Live (RCL) at DKSH Technology Showroom

By working with our exclusive partner Rational AG, the world’s leading manufacturer of combi oven, we seek to inspire Malaysia’s professional chefs on how to optimize their recipes and kitchen processes that eventually lead to high quality food with consistent appearance, and most important of all, taste that will leave deep impressions within the customers. Featured at our DKSH Technology Showroom located in Johor, we welcome anyone to attend the Rational Cooking Live Show and get inspired!


Rational combi oven demo

10 reasons why chefs should attend a Rational Cooking Live event

Get a hands on experience on a cooking system that senses, recognizes, thinks with the chef and ahead, learns from the chef, and even communicates with the chef him/her.

Witness an intelligent cooking system that has the ability to prepare different food with different recipe and requirements.

Learn how the SelfCookingCenter® allow the chefs to dictate the results of his/her recipes through constant communication and continuous learning of the chefs’ styles.

Learn about The SelfCookingCenter® intelligence in communicating with the chef and demonstrates shows him/her the past cooking processes that has been happening and why it occurred. This allow chefs to understand incidents happened during its operations.

Bakers and chefs will learn that almost all baked goods can be prepared with the SelfCookingCenter® and how they can add fresh and innovative baked goods to their existing product range menu.

Participants will learn how SelfCookingCenter® makes intelligent decisions to support the chef even better, especially during rush hour times.

Participants will experience how different products, such as juicy salmon and a grilled steak, can easily be finished at the same time at the highest quality.

Another new feature is that a chef can now save their favorite menus in the “top 20 lists” program and gain access their favorite menu more quickly. This can be seen at the Cooking Live.

Participants can personally experience how the SelfCookingCenter® adjusts the heat, air, and humidity intelligently and sensitively to the relevant food to produce more quality and intensive aromas.

The SelfCookingCenter® is more economical than the previous model and pays for itself even more quickly. One reason is because the cleaning process is more efficient. The RATIONAL chef will demonstrate this together with participants at the RATIONAL Cook Live event.

Event highlights

To German people, October is a special month enjoyed with great food and fraternity. Not wanting to limit the experience to Germany, DKSH Technology and Rational Cooking Live introduced their participants to a taste of Germany by bringing some of German’s finest cuisine to Malaysia through its show.

On October 19, Rational Cooking Live (RCL) presented two classic German dishes; the German Bratwurst (beef sausage) and Slow Roasted Lamb Leg. The demonstration was held to highlight the Rational Combi Oven’s capabilities of producing appetizing dishes similar to that of an experienced chef. Automated controls with a few simple commands is all it takes for Rational’s Combi Oven to prepare the food while retaining the succulent, juicy flavour of the red meat served. The only element missing from that sensational night is some exquisite sauerkraut.

Guests have remarked that Rational combi ovens are revolutionary as the presentation demonstrated first-hand how the Rational SelfCookingCenter can save time and money while retaining the succulent flavor of red meat and enriching the dining experience.

Rational Halal Cooking Live Show

Knowing the fact that Malaysia is a multi-racial country with approximately 60 percent of population is Muslims according to Department of statistics, Malaysia. Rational is very eager to debut the Halal cookbook. DKSH works with Rational to come up with a special audition of RCL event -- Rational Halal Cooking Live Show, which focus on Muslim way of cooking. 

Our Rational Halal Cooking Live show has every exciting element from Rational Cooking Live Show, also features the delicious Halal recipes and the ambience. In conjunction with this holy month, DKSH for the first time launched its Rational Halal Cooking Live Show on May 30, 2018 at DKSH Technology Showroom at Johor, Malaysia. Lots of chefs and specialists came over for knowledge sharing and the event received enormous feedback. A fine dinner was arranged after the cooking show, prepared by our chef, Benjamin Mohan and was cooked based on the Rational Halal Cookbook. We will hold another cooking show soon, contact us for more details!

As a catering service provider, I found out that Rational is a very useful equipment. I can use it to cook in a bulk without worrying about the quality of my foods. Thanks for inviting me to this cooking show, without it, I may not know about the existence of Rational Combi Oven.

Hj. Rahim, Restaurant and Catering Service Owner

Now I have more time to focus on my business rather than spending time in the kitchen to cook. I used to hire students to help me cook foods in a large quantity whenever it’s the wedding season, now I don't have to because, with Rational, cooking became easy.

Linda, Wedding Catering Service

The event was attended by 6 companies and more than 10 people came to be amazed by Rational Combi Oven. It was an interactive session and luckily we have two chefs to entertain the crowd. The event was supposed to end at 9.30 p.m. but all the guests are eager to share their knowledge, thus, it was dragged until 11 p.m. However, we find that this event was not only benefit us but also benefits the industry as they can share their opinion on how to survive in hospitality industry. The event ends after that.

Chef Benjamin Mohan

Our representative, Chef Benjamin Mohan who stationed in DKSH Johor Technology Showroom office, is the main presenter for Rational Cooking Live. Before returning to Malaysia, he has acquired Certificate III in Commercial Cookery in TAFE International WA, Perth, Australia. Ever since graduation, Chef Benjamin Mohan has 12 years of track records in culinary industry and is experienced with most Asian delicacies, Mediterranean, Italian and Western cuisines. After joined DKSH, Chef Benjamin Mohan has successfully conducted monthly Rational Cook Live shows and our participants are able to grasp on the unique feature and experience the cutting-edge technology of SelfCookingCenter®.

Demo Unit - Rational - SelfCookingCenter® 61

Rational SCC61

Why We Choose Rational SelfCookingCenter® 61?

DKSH understands your needs.  Through extensive research on Malaysia’s local food and beverage market, we have selected Rational SelfCookingCenter® 61 as our demo unit due to its compact size and best price to performance ratio. Rational SelfCookingCenter® 61 is ideal especially for new business owners who just enter the market with basic start-up capital and are newly exposed to combi-oven technologies. At DKSH Technology’s Showroom, we will show you how Rational SelfCookingCenter® 61 can help fulfil your business needs by ensuring high throughput, consistency in food quality, appearance and customers’ satisfaction.

To learn more about SelfCookingCenter® 61, click here

Other Rational products

6 classic dishes you need to know

Rational debuts Halal Cookbook

We have received immense responses on the Halal Cookbook, and we feel it is meaningful to share with everyone. Download our cookbook now to start playing with all the recipes. Show us your dishes by posting on Facebook and don’t forget to tag DKSH!

DKSH Your partner of choice for hospitality equipment and solutions

At DKSH, we are dedicated to provide world class hospitality equipment and integrated solutions to Malaysia’s largest industry, Food & Beverages. We provide a full range of equipment to hotels, restaurants, food manufacturers, fast-food chains and many more.

With our unique turnkey solutions and first-class technical services, customers can increase food and beverage quality, productivity and business revenue. We also minimize equipment downtime and increase productivity with our 24/7 service technicians.

In November 2016, DKSH launched a new branch office of DKSH Technology in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The showroom comprises a fully equipped demo kitchen, serving as a training center with monthly cooking events to support restaurants, hotels and F&B outlets. The cooking events will be hosted by trained professional using the latest, cooking equipment from Rational AG, world class leader for professional kitchens.

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