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NewTerra, Modular Water Solutions

Engineering, building and deploying robust, modular water treatment solutions quickly and efficiently is what sets Newterra apart. They bring continuity and simplicity to the complex task of managing infrastructure projects.

Water Treatment Applications

Increasingly stringent environmental standards are governing wastewater discharge – whether to groundwater or municipal collection systems.Newterra brings a wealth of experience and technology to develop treatment solutions that let you maximize the reuse potential of your water stream, and minimize discharge costs. From the removal of heavy metals, oil and grease to BOD and other organics, we will work with you to provide a treatment system that meets your discharge requirements and integrates with your plant control systems.

Using advanced water treatment technologies, Newterra helps industries and manufacturers meet specific process water quality requirements to ensure consistent production. 

1. Boiler Make-up Water – Filtration 
Multimedia Filtration Screen Filtration 
Activated Carbon Filtration 
Iron Filtration 

2. Boiler Make-up Water – Softening 
Sodium Zeolite Softening 
Lime Softening Nanofiltration 

3. Boiler Make-up Water – Dissolved Solids Reduction 
Nanofiltration Reverse Osmosis 

4. Boiler Make-Up Water – Polishing 
Demineralization Electro-deionization 

5. Deaeration 
Counterflow Deaeration - Spray/Tray 
Parallel Downflow Deaeration - Spray/Tray
Atomizing Deaeration - Spray Vacuum Deaeration

6. Condenser Rebuilds 
Westinghouse Condenser Rebuilds


7. Condensate Recovery – Condensate Treatment 
Mix Bed Condensate Polishing 
Deep Bed Condensate Polishing 

8. Cooling Tower Make-up Water Filtration 
Multimedia Filtration 
Screen Filtration 
Iron Filtration 

9. Cooling Tower Make-up Water Softening 
Sodium Zeolite Softening 

10. Cooling Tower Make-up Water Filtration 
Reverse Osmosis 

11. Cooling Tower Water – Blowdown Recovery and Recycle 
Multimedia Filtration 
Screen Filtration 
Activated  Carbon Filtration 
Reverse Osmosis

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NewTerraFounded in the early years of the industrial revolution, NewTerra has over 150 years of experience in the water industry. While the business has undergone significant commercial expansion, it continues to embody innovation with a focus in technology-driven product development and improvement. NewTerra has been challenging the boundaries of modularity with their new range of "plug and play' solutions for water treatment systems. Not only can these systems be deployed in any location, they can also be scaled up or down depending on requirements
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