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The RNAdia kit for single cell RNA-Sequencing offers world-class results at 50% of the cost of competitor reagents. Together with the Nadia platform, the RNAdia kit offers a high quality, low cost, complete solution for single cell RNA-Sequencing. The RNAdia kit provides all the reagents required to go from sample encapsulation on the Nadia Instrument to sequencing library preparation for short-read sequencing on Illumina platforms.


  1. Low cost: Reagents cost 50% less than comparable products in the field
  2. Extremely high-throughput: Capture over 50,000 cells in one run
  3. Throughput flexibility: Subsampling enables analysis of just a few hundred cells per sample or over 50k cells for larger studies.
  4. Streamlined workflow Go from sample preparation to amplified cDNA libraries in as little as 7h.
  5. Very high sample compatibility: Through sample buffer flexibility and broad cell size range.
  6. End-to-end workflow: With our RNAdia kits and Dolomite Bio’s bioinformatic service you have everything you need to go from cells to data

An Introduction by Dolomite Bio's Head of R&D

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Dolomite Bio

Dolomite Bio is a brand of the Blacktrace group of companies providing microfluidics-based solutions for a range of applications including single cell research, drug encapsulation and particle generation, for over 15 years.

Dolomite Bio creates innovative products for high throughput single cell research. By encapsulating single cells in microfluidic droplets, their products enable the rapid analysis of thousands or millions of individual cells and their biological products.

Based in Royston (near Cambridge), UK, Dolomite Bio is part of the Blacktrace group of companies, a world leader in Productizing Science®. With offices in the USA, Japan, Vietnam, and worldwide distributors offering technical assistance and support.

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