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Foxx Life Sciences has a wide range of bottles, carboys, and jerrycans that can be used for all our customer needs. Different product lines are offered for different demands and include EZLabPure™, EZClear®, Autofil®, PUREGRIP®, SECUREgrasp®, and VersaBarb®. Products are offered in a variety of materials (like HDPE, PP, PC, and PETG) as well as a variety of sizes. 

All Foxx laboratory carboys and bioprocess carboys are BPA-free and are made from a USP Class VI material and are FDA Grade for optimum protection of assets. Foxx also offers Carboy Mixers that are used to mix components to create homogeneous liquid mixtures. Explore all options below.


Product List

Aspirator Bottles

Foxx Life Sciences offers a premium line of high-quality, Round Polypropylene laboratory Aspirator Bottles comes with a strong easy-grip handle and Spigot.  Our versatile Bottles are leak-proof and aim to take full advantage of storage efficiency at minimal effort.  Overall functionality is available for many applications, in 5 Liter, 10 Liter, or 20 Liter sizes, with spigots and a Polypropylene (PP) Cap.

Available Models:

Boston Square Storage Bottles

Foxx Life Sciences' Boston Square bottles provide a safe alternative for glass storage bottles. Bottle material and volume are molded into the side of the bottle for easy identification, along with the metric graduation marks certified to be accurate within ±5%. Boston Squares are available in Polypropylene, HDPE, and BPA free, EZclear® PETG.

Available Models:


Laboratory Carboys

Foxx Life Sciences offers a premium line of high quality, innovative laboratory Carboys. Our versatile carboys aim to take full advantage of storage and/or transportation efficiency at minimal effort. The shape, size of the handle, grip, and neck, and imprints were designed and developed to provide the ultimate end-user experience. Furthermore, all Foxx laboratory carboys and bioprocess carboys are BPA-free, made from a USP Class VI material, and are FDA Grade for optimum protection of your assets.

Available Models:

Erlenmeyer Flasks

Foxx Life Sciences provides a fine collection of sterile and non-sterile Erlenmeyer Flasks featuring VersaCap® Technology. Our gamma sterilized flasks comply with FDA and USP Class VI requirements for excellent use in any life science applications. For improved oxygenation and mixing, the flasks are available with a flat or baffled base that also fit all standard clamps.

Available Models:

EZLabpure™ Media Bottles

COMING SOON: Foxx Life Sciences' new spatially designed sterile EZlabpure™ Media Bottles, PS and PETG, have been designed specifically for Life Science researchers to store common solutions such as tissue culture media, serum, and buffers. The lower height bottle has features that improve the media flow for easy pouring. The narrow bottle shoulder, combined with the molded finger grips, improves the ability to securely grip the bottle with gloved hands.

Our leak free full thread polypropylene GL45 VersaCap® bottle cap allows for added media security and enables easy handling and carrying of the bottle. The innovative cap also allows for easy uncapping, tightening, and bottle labeling solutions such as tissue culture media, serum, and buffers. Our PS bottles are optically clear and offer excellent impact resistance. They are also designed to handle full vacuum and can be used with Autofil2™ filtration system. Foxx Life Sciences' media bottle is manufactured in a Class 7 clean room in North America.

Available Models:

EZLabpure™ Round Vacuum Bottles

Foxx Life Sciences Round Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles combine maximum ease of use and versatility, with the highest level of strength and durability. Round Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles have thick walls that can hold near full vacuum for 24 hours, making them excellent replacements for glass HPLC containers, and ideal for applications involving liquid aspiration, cell harvesting, and degasification. All Round Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles are compatible with either 53B or 83B VersaCap® technology and adapters, enabling easy customization of the bottle to fit your application. Foxx Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles include a Closed Cap VersaCap®. 

Available Models:

Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles

Foxx Life Sciences offers unparalleled Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles available in several materials, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified (PETG), polypropylene, or polycarbonate. Get trusted stability and durability with every unit, and cap size options. Ideal for use as glass HPLC container replacement and/or for  applications involving degasification, liquid aspiration, and cell harvesting. Our HD vacuum bottles also passed the requirements of FDA and USP Class VI Standards to guarantee the quality of your assets.

Available Models:

HPLC Solvent Reservoirs - Upstream

Foxx Life Sciences PUREGRIP® HPLC Reservoir Caps and Bottle Assemblies offer the safest and most ergonomic lab safety solution in the industry. These assemblies come with VersaCap Technology, A Class VI PTFE Manifold and an Air Inlet Valve combined with a Foxx 25mm, 0.2µm PTFE Filter for safe vapor filtration.

The Air Inlet Valve and PTFE Filter block out all harmful solvent vapors while blocking any incoming contaminants from the incoming air. This valve threads directly into any of Foxx Life Sciences HPLC Reservoir Manifolds.

The sealed VersaCap design that Foxx offers eliminates tubes twisting as you thread the cap and eliminates the tubes from sliding in and out of the container. These HPLC Reservoir Assemblies guarantee you get accurate data from your analysis with its air-tight seal using a Class VI PTFE Manifold and Chemically Resistant Viton O-Ring.

Each assembly comes with fittings for both 1/8” and 1/16” OD Tubing along with corresponding plugs to fill any unused ports.

Available Models:

Carboy Mixers

Foxx Life Sciences Magnetic Mixers are used to mix components in order to obtain a homogeneous liquid mixtures. Our mixers can be used in a variety of applications including but not limited to chemistry and biology experiments, buffer solutions, and bacterial growth media. Foxx magnetic mixers are ideal for mixing over a long period of time. Since our mixers are just magnet bars, they can easily be cleaned and the risks of contaminating the solution can be minimized.

Available Models:


PUREGRIP® Glass Carboys

PUREGRIP® Glass Carboys encompass the newest offering in Foxx’s exclusive North American collaboration with Borosil®. Combining the quality of Borosil® glassware with Foxx’s innovative, user-focused designs, these are the first ever 83B Glass Carboys on the market!

This product line features the largest writing surfaces and visible graduations on a glass carboy, while including our patented VersaCap® made from Class VI, Animal Free, Polypropylene. A platinum-cured silicone O-ring ensures our leak-proof seal while the large handles with finger grips allow for easy tightening and opening. Our Open VersaCap® technology (sold separately) is also compatible with a variety of adapter inserts, enabling users to quickly change top connections to match their application needs. This product line is also autoclavable and sterilizable, Complies with ISO 4796-1.

Available Models:

Media Bottles

Foxx Life Sciences offers a wide range of SECUREgrasp® Media Bottles available in sterile polypropylene, polycarbonate, and polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified (PETG). These SECUREgrasp® bottles are engineered specifically for life science applications. All materials used comply with USP Class VI standards and FDA requirements to secure the quality of your solutions, like in tissue culture media applications.

Available Models:

Secondary Containers

Foxx Life Sciences brings you Secondary Containers perfect for your HPLC solvent waste. Ensure prevention of leak and spill with these secondary storage containers for carboys with 1L, 2.5L, 4L, 5L, and 10L capacity. Each unit is constructed from HDPE material and built for reliable strength and durability. These containers have storage capacities of at least 115% of the primary container’s content.

Available Models:

Tight-Heads/ Jerrycans - HPLC Downstream

Foxx Life Sciences brings an exclusive collection of Tight-Head Containers for liquid handling applications. Our units are available in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) at 13.5L or 20L. These durable and reliable containers are proven to be a cost-effective solution for storage and shipment of liquid assets as well as for the disposal of liquid waste. Moreover, the UN/DOT Containers can also be used in other industries, but not limited to chemical, sanitation, agriculture, and food.

Available Models:


VersaBarb® Spigots and Fittings

Foxx Life Sciences offers VersaBarb® Spigots and Spigot Fittings available in a variety of hose barb sizes. These are constructed from Class VI autoclavable polypropylene, providing flexibility in drainage, pump connection, filling bell, and automated equipment.

Available Models:

Foxx Life Sciences - Next Generation Bottles: Boston Squares, Autofil Media & Centrifuge Bottles

Foxx Life Sciences - The Next Generation Carboy

Foxx Life SciencesFoxx has become a world leader in custom Single-Use Systems (SUS) including tubing, bag, bottle, flask and carboy assemblies, filtration, fluid management, laboratory safety products, and glassware. Foxx is an industry leader in innovation, having developed over 10,000 unique product SKUs and receiving over 35 patents in the past 12 years. Foxx is constantly reinvesting into R&D, focused on creating more innovative and cost-effective solutions to service all our customers needs. Foxx’s product mix is broken down into 15 groups, including: BioProcess Single-Use, BioProcess MTO Single-Use, BioProcess Stainless Steel, BioProcess Caps and Gaskets, BioProcess Tubing, BioProcess Vent Filters, BioProcess Connectors, Bottles/Carboys/Jerricans, Covid-19 PPE, Sample Collection Supplies, Laboratory Filtration and Membranes, Laboratory Safety and Vacuum Traps, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Plasticware, and Lab Rat Gifts. Quality is a focal point of our business. Foxx has been ISO 13485 certified for 10 years in a row and is an FDA Registered company. Additionally, Foxx Life Sciences has a certified ISO Class 7 Cleanroom with six full assembly lines. Our products are manufactured in North America, using USP Class VI materials.