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Koehler - General Lab Equipment - Automatic Heated Oil Test Centrifuge

Fully automatic bench top centrifuge designed expressly for petroleum testing applications. Features a 4-1/2” LCD touch screen control panel. This integrated touch screen can be used to turn the heat on and off, set the duration of the test, set the RCF/RPM values and choose the type of rotor assembly and corresponding glassware to be used during the test. The Servoed motor speed mechanism allows the user to simply set the desired speed and the instrument will attain that speed. This mechanism calculates RPM based on the given RCF and type of Rotor selected. The large, clear, top opening lid provides for easy access to the rotor and tube holders and for cleaning of the unit. The lid has a 18-1/2” diameter viewing window allowing the operator to view inside the chamber for checking the status of the rotor and checking for possible spillage of the centrifuge tubes. Molded PTFE cushions provide for maximum protection and easy positioning of the tubes. Safety Features The Centrifuge comes equipped with a Safety Lockout Mechanism. Upon emergency shutdown the door is locked and cannot be unlocked until the unit comes to a complete stop, the unit is turned back on, and the stop/unlock key is pressed on the touch screen display. Furthermore, the centrifuge cannot start while the door of the chamber is open and the latch is not engaged. The “Nitrogen Purge” feature allows for a slow release of Nitrogen into the bowl of the centrifuge. This feature requires an external Nitrogen Gas source and can easily connect to an Inlet port located at the back of the unit.

  • Choice of long, short, pear, or finger rotor assembly to accommodate corresponding centrifuge tubes
  • Accommodates four (4) four centrifuge tubes of 6 or 8” conical ASTM types, long, short, pear or finger tubes
  • Automatic control of acceleration ramp, centrifugation speed, andtiming functions.
  • 4-1/2” LCD Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Substantial Insulation for Reduced Heat Loss
  • Precise balancing, Quiet Operation
  • Large, clear, top opening lid
  • Class 1, Division 2 explosion resistant rating


Conforms to the specifications of ASTM D91, D96, D893, D1796, D2273, D2709, D2711, D4007, D5546; IP 75, 145, 359; API 2542, 2548; ISO 3734; DIN 51793; NF M 07-020
Capacity Four (4) oil test centrifuge tubes: long (100mL), short (100mL), pear (100mL), or finger tubes (12.5mL)
Maximum Speed 2200 RPM
Maximum RCF 1327 (long); 1170 (short); 865 (pear-shaped)
Timer 0 to 999 min
Set Speed 200 - 2200 RPM
Speed Readout 0 - 2200 RPM
Temperature Control ambient to 93°C (200°F)
Temperature Readout Digital
Brake Automatic Dynamic
  • Chemical
  • Education & Academics
  • Environmental
  • Oil & Gas
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