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Malvern Panalytical Consumables for Zetasizer Series

We offer original Malvern Zetasizer range of consumables to maintain your instrument and operations. By supplying consumables obtained directly from Malvern, we ensure that your instruments continue to run at optimum performance by minimizing downtime. We supply an array of consumables for the Zetasizer range such as Nano, µV, Helix, and APS.

Malvern consumables are easy to replace and does not require technical expertise to perform. We maintain a healthy volume of available stock to deliver your orders with the shortest lead times and highest efficiency.

List of consumables

12mm o.d. square polystyrene cuvettes

Pack of 100 with 100 stoppers for the Nano series. Zetasizer 1000/2000/3000 series. HPPS and Zetasizer uV.

Disposable folded capillary cells

Primarily used for the measurement of Zeta potential with Zetasizer Nano. Can also be used for size measurement with ZSP. ZS and S models only. Pack of 10 with 20 stoppers. Requires Zetasizer software version 7.02 or later.

12mm o.d square glass cell with square aperture and cap

For size and electrophoresis measurements with the Nano series universal dip cells, Zetasizer 2000 and 3000 aqueous and non-aqueous dip cells and Zetasizer uV

12mm o.d. square glass cell with circular aperture and stopper

For size measurement. Compatible with Zetasizer 1000/ 3000 series. HPPS, Nano series and Zetasizer uV. Not suitable for use with dip electrophoresis electrodes.

Quartz flow cell

Used for size and intensity measurements. Compatible with MPT-2 autotitrator and the Zetasizer Nano S, ZS, S90, and ZS90. Comes complete with tubing for autotritator.

Disposable solvent resistant micro cuvette

Used for size measurement at a 173 degree scattering angle. Consists of a pack of 100 with 100 caps. Minimum volume 40uL, suitable for Zetasizer Nano S and ZS but not suitable for measurements at a 90 degree scattering angle.

Resistant towards Acetone, Benzaldehyde, Butanone, Dioxane, DMF, Ethyl acetate, Isopropanol, and various other acids and bases

Disposable polystyrene low volume cuvette

Used for size measurement. Pack of 100 with 100 caps, minimum volume of 50uL and compatible with Zetasizer Nano S90, ZS90 and uV only.

Consumable kit (NANO S and ZS only)

Your complete kit for Zetasizer Nano S and ZS instruments. 

Comprises of:

DTS0012 - Cell and stopper kit, 100 Polystyrene cuvettes

LTX3060A - 60nm/ 15ml Polystyrene latex standard, 1 syringe

DTS1237 - Zeta potential transfer standard, 1 syringe

PCS8501 - 12mm square cell with cap

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Replacement quartz measurement cell and tubing to connect a NanoSampler to a Zetasizer Nano. Complements ZEN0023 - Quartz flow cell.

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Malvern PanalyticalMalvern Panalytical was formed by the merger of Malvern Instruments Limited and PANalytical B.V. on 1st January 2017, has headquarters in both Almelo (the Netherlands), and in Malvern (UK), and employs over 2,000 people worldwide. The combined entity is a strong player and innovator in the materials characterization market and will leverage the strengths of the individual companies in their end markets, ranging from building materials to pharmaceuticals and from metals and mining to nanomaterials.
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