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Sartorius - Type 2 Lab Water Systems - Arium Advance EDI

Type 2 Ultrapure Water Systems

The arium advance EDI provides Type 2 water in consistently high quality. The innovative iJust makes the best use of environmental resources by automatically optimizing water usage. Unlike conventional water purification systems, the unique touch-function display in combination with the intuitive menu navigation ensures easy operation. With a flow rate of 5 or 10 l/h, automatic RO membrane backflushing, the latest EDI technology and a constant flow rate, the arium® advance EDI is the best choice for both routine and demanding applications.

In addition to pretreatment and purification by reverse osmosis modules, softening and electrochemical deionization is also carried out in the third purification step. By means of this modern EDI technology, the arium® advance EDI safely and reliably guarantees the removal of all impurities contained in the feed water.

Innovative Bag Technology
The pure water is stored in the enclosed arium® Bagtank system. This guarantees
optimal storage of the pure water and protects against secondary contamination.
Time-consuming tank cleaning intervals are eliminated thanks to the interchangeable bag.


iJust features an innovative technology that optimizes water production. The intelligent arium® software controls a valve on the concentrate outlet based on the data measured for CaCO3 and CO2. iJust therefore optimizes product water quality and water usage.


– Microbiological media and reagents
– Solutions for chemical analysis and synthesis
– Histology
– Buffer solutions
– Feed water for laboratory devices: Autoclaves, glass washers, etc.

Technical specifications

arium® advance EDI
Water purification method Particle-removing prefiltration; adsorption by spherical activated carbon; catalyst; reverse osmosis; softening; electrochemical deionization; optional final particle-removing and sterile filtration
Dimensions (W×H×D) 35.0 x 50.1 x 44.6 cm
Empty weight 19 kg
Operating weight 26 kg
Power supply 100–240 VAC (± 10%); 50–60 Hz, 130 VA (max.)
Operating temperature 2°C – 35°C at max. 80% relative humidity
Storage temperature 5°C – 45°C at max. 80% relative humidity

Product Water Quality

arium® advance EDI
Water type Pure water, Type 2
Output*3 5 l/h or 10 l/h
Water dispensing flow rate*5 ≤ 3 l/min
Typical conductivity*1 0.2 – 0.07 µS/cm compensated to 25°C
Typical resistivity*1 5 –15 MO x cm compensated to 25°C
Typical TOC reduction*4 95%
Microorganism content*2 < 1 CFU/1,000 ml
Particle content*2 < 1/ml
Particle and microorganism retention >99%

*1 Depending on the feed water (CO2 ≤ 40 ppm) and temperature

*2 When using an arium® sterilizing-grade filter (Sartopore® 2 150, 0.2 µm pore size)

*3 Depending on the feed water pressure, temperature and condition of the RO module(s)

*4 Depending on the type of organic impurities in the feed water

*5 Depending on the arium® Bagtank design, hydrostatic pressure, accessories connected and final filter

Feed Water Specifications

Exclusively potable water according to the drinking water regulations of the USA, the European Union or Japan.
arium® advance EDI
Input pressure 2.0 – 6.9 bar
Temperature Temperature 2 – 30°C
Specific conductivity < 1,500 μS/cm compensated to 25°C
TOC content < 2,000 ppb
Max. total hardness (max. CaCO3) 360 ppm
Free chlorine 4 ppm
Iron (total Fe content) < 0.1 ppm
Manganese < 0.05 ppm
Aluminum < 0.05 ppm
CO2 in solution ≤ 40 ppm
Fouling index (SDI) < 5
Turbidity <1 NTU
pH range 4 – 10

arium® Lab Water Systems product intro

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