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The IPB-5000B-MU inverter spot welder delivers superior welding control for a wide range of microjoining applications. When paired with the ITB-780A6 transformer this unit is capable of a maximum output of 6000 Amps, making it ideal for most resistive and conductive welding applications. It operates in constant current, voltage or power feedback modes and is also capable of welding in a combo mode (current and voltage) to address even the most challenging application or process conditions.

Key Features

Control Modes - Optimum control modes for obtaining ideal weld quality and consistency can be chosen from; constant current control, constant voltage control, combination of constant current and constant voltage control, and constant power control.

GOOD/NO GOOD determination - The comparator feature allows to set upper and lower limits around the measured value of up to four parameters; which are current, voltage, power and resistance. When those values reach out of the limits, an error signal or a caution signal alarms.

Diplacement Measurement - Measures how much
an electrode moves down because of material collapse during weld. Weld to displacement - stops welding when displacement value reaches the set value. Requires displacement sensor sold separately.

Envelope - The envelope feature allows dynamic limits to be set around a monitored waveform to ensure the same resistance change occurs at the same rate for every weld.

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Technical Specification

Power requirements Three phase, 200-240 VAC or 380-480 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Primary frequency 5 kHz
Primary current 200 A
Current setting range 0.40 – 6.00 kA
Current monitor 0.00 – 9.99 kA
Displacement monitor -29.999 mm to 29.999 mm

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