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DKSH and Stilla Technologies Expand Partnership to Bring Next-Generation Digital PCR Solutions to Thailand

DKSH and Stilla Technologies Expand Partnership to Bring Next-Generation Digital PCR Solutions to Thailand

DKSH and Stilla Technologies have entered into a new agreement to introduce their advanced digital PCR solutions in Thailand. This strategic move represents an expansion of their existing partnership in Australia and New Zealand and highlights the commitment of both parties to provide innovative solutions for the life sciences industry.

Bangkok, April 6, 2023 – DKSH Business Unit Technology has signed an agreement with Stilla Technologies, the leading multiplex digital PCR company, to promote their digital PCR products and solutions for life science research and molecular diagnostics. DKSH will provide sales, marketing, application support, and after-sales services across Thailand.


Based in Villejuif, France, Stilla Technologies is the multiplex digital PCR company transforming complex genomic data into actionable insights across a wide range of research and clinical applications, including cancer and liquid biopsy studies, cell and gene therapies, infectious disease detection, and food and environmental testing. The company's naica® system, which is the industry's first digital PCR system with six fluorescent channels, provides researchers and clinicians with the highest multiplexing and detection capacity available on the market. DKSH will help Stilla promote digital PCR products and solutions to customers in life science research labs, biotech companies, pharma companies, and medical labs in Thailand.


“DKSH has been selected once again for its expertise and proven track record in marketing and sales, as well as its broad market reach and established presence in the scientific instrumentation industry in Thailand. We are convinced that DKSH's capabilities make them the ideal partner to support our expansion efforts into new markets and customer segments in Thailand and to help achieve our growth objectives,” Rémi Dangla, PhD. CTO, co-founder, Stilla Technologies, stated.


Oliver Hammel, Vice President, Thailand, DKSH Business Unit Technology, commented: “This partnership expands our product portfolio to cover more segmentation and strengthens our footprint in the scientific instrumentation industry. We look forward to delivering growth and achieving success together with Stilla Technologies, while expanding their customer base in Thailand.”