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The fully automated 4-in-1 tablet testing instrument PTB 420 Auto is a dual test mode instrument to determine the weight, diameter, thickness and hardness of tablets. The instrument is made in strict compliance with the EP <2.9.8> and USP <1217> Pharmacopoeia.

Technical Specifications

Hardness testing range 2.0-300.0 N
Thickness testing range 2.00-12.00 mm.
Thickness accuracy Better than ±0.05 mm.
Possible sample size 22.00 mm. x 33.00 mm.
Feeder Tablet magazine for 25 samples (integrated)
Power 110/230 V.
Current consumption 60 W.

Key Features

  • Tablet hardness testing in full compliance to USP <1217> and EP <2.9.8> Pharmacopeia.
  • 4 results of the same sample: thickness, diameter, hardness and weight (via integrated Sartorius analytical balance).
  • Dual force mode instrument with linear speed increase and linear force increase modes.
  • Stepless adjustment of the linear force or speed increase rate.
  • Document all results on external printer.
  • Multiple point validation procedure for all measurement stations built-in.
  • Programmable print-out of force increase curve.
  • Chemical
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
Pharma Test

Founded in Germany over 35 years ago Pharma Test is an internationally leading manufacturer and household name for the development and production of high-value test devices and systems. We offer a complete product range from manual, physical testing instruments to fully automated, analytical test systems to analyze the active chemical composition of a dosage form as well as its release rate.

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