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SARTORIUS - BioWelder<sup>®</sup> TC Sterile Tube Welding

Biowelder® TC Sterile Tube Welding Device

Automated Sterile Tube Welding for Total Containment

Advanced biomanufacturing processes require advanced tools to provide reliable connections between components. The Biowelder® TC is an automated device for making sterile connections between thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing elements. This proven technology uses unique rotating tube holders to connect dry- or liquid-filled TPE tubing and ensures total containment of process fluids by reconnecting discarded tube ends. Validation protocols ensure that Biowelder® TC connections are sterile.

Key Features:

1. Flexibility
Device can accommodate tube sizes from 1/4" to 1" OD and supports co-welding of varied TPE brands. Tubes can be dry, wetted or filled.

2. Total Containment
Patented technology creates two welds to prevent environmental contamination from discarded tube ends.

3. Automation
An operator starts the automated welding process via the LCD touch screen.

4. Error Prevention
Tube holders are color-coded for ease of use.

5. Ultra Safe Connection
The thermal welds are extraordinarily stable and ensure a sterile connection.

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Technical Specification

Type designation BioWelder® TC, BWTC
Power connection 100 VAC–240 VAC
Input frequency 50|60 Hz
Power input 300 VA
In and out connections Device plug C14 max. 250VAC Ethernet jack type RJ45
Power connection of fuse 2 × 3.15 A T (Type FST)
Battery CR2032
Operating temperature +5°C – +40°C
Place of use Indoor (Laboratory
Transient overvoltage Overvoltage category II
Pollution degree 2
Altitude up to 2000 m
Humidity – 80% up to 31°C, linearly diminishing to 50%
– relative humidity at 40°C, not condensing
Degree of protection IP20
Weight 16.4 kg
External size (L × W × H) 555 mm × 261 mm × 269 mm
Power cord According to local regulations
– minimum 3 × AWG18 or 3 × 0.75 mm2
– minimum local mains supply voltage
Welding Cycle 1 min 30–2 min 30 (depending on tube diameters and material)
Standard settings for TuFlux® TPE, C-Flex® 374*, AdvantaFlex® , PharMed® * BPT, SaniPure™* BDF™
Minimum tubing length 4 450 mm
Max operating pressure validated 1 bar

For further details, please refer to enclosed datasheet.

BioWelder® Total Containment - Sterile Connections

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