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Clipster® Aseptic Point-of-Use Disconnectors Clipster® is a single-use solution for disconnecting tubing at any stage in the process while maintaining sterility. Its unique design allows installation on assembled products. The Clipster® is robust, quick and easy to use. Operators perform the disconnection with a handheld tool, ensuring quick and easy execution even in limited space. As Clipster® is not in contact with any fluids, it can be easily validated.

Clipster® was designed to meet the demand for increased flexibility within disconnection operations in the biopharmaceutical industry. Clipster® can serve as validated backup for unplanned disconnections. Its simple 4-step process (without product contact) eases validation and supports disconnections from R&D up to commercial production scale.

Key Features:

  1. Point-of-Use Installation
    At any point during assembly and processing, an operator can aseptically disconnect units

  2. 4-Step Operation
    Easy-to-use operation ensures quick, robust, and repeatable disconnection
  3. Sterility Assurance
    Proven during validation with bacterial challenge via immersion in Bacillus astropheus at 106 CFU/mL

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Clipster® Aseptic Disconnector

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