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The P200 Crimping Press has been specifically conceived to crimp very big-section wires or to handle embossing process where pressure up and above 20 tons is called for.

Designed to accept Extreme Duty Two-Post Die MSCS, with the specific adapting shank can also receive Two-Post Dies MSA. With the press ram at Bottom Dead Center, the P200 has a crimping height of 190 mm.

Technical Specifications

Power 7.5 Kw.
Force 25000 Kg.
Stroke 50 mm.
Crimping height 190 mm.
Weight 1550 Kg.
Dimensions (WxDxH) 900x1400x2600 mm.

Key Features

  • For use with large terminal solutions or to handle embossing process where pressure is up to and above 20 tons.
  • Accepts Extreme Duty Two-Post Die MSCS, with specific adapting shank.
  • Can also receive Two-Post Dies MSAS and MSAP.
  • Regulating head which allows for a continuous setting of the shut height.
  • 0.1mm resolution and a 3.6mm range.
  • It is fitted with a 360 degree safety cover, the only open side of which is protected by a set of optical barriers.
  • All the controls are placed on two external control boxes.

Mecal Crimping Machine overview

  • Machinery & Manufacturing

Established in 1976 by its present President, Luigi Aluffo, with the aim of supplying the wire harness industry with the best crimping equipment available, in roughly forty years Mecal has reached and kept a respected position at the top of its market, as confirmed by the turnover progression that topped 18 M/Euro in 2008, 85% of which sold abroad. Our products are extensively used by the automotive, communication and IT (information technology) industry, and wherever a high quality connection is called for.

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