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To accomplish optimal printing results, it is crucial to adjust the chamber doctor blade system correctly. While the doctoring blade actively supports the doctoring of the ink, the retaining blade has a sealing function. The seemingly plain steel and plastic blades thus play an important role in achieving high quality printing results.


Key Features

  • Type of ink, i.e. solvent based, water based or UV inks or even abrasive metallic effect inks.
  • Chamber geometry, including the type of blade holder, the angle position of the doctor blade, the contact pressure and the printing width.
  • Structure of the printing job, i.e. many short runs with frequent ink changes and adjustments or long printing jobs that require long doctor blade lifespans.
  • Individual demands, e.g. especially short start-up times, avoidance of burr formation or ink spitting, job safety or cost-performance ratio.


Fine tuning of the doctor blade

Besides the choice of material, the doctor blade profile, i.e. the cut of the doctor blade edge which is in contact with the anilox roller, is crucial for the performance of the doctor blade in the chamber.

Different types of profiles can be machined depending on the material structure of the steel and plastics blades.

Available models

Agergaard Doctor Blades SteelBLADE C

The steelBLADE C doctor blades are made of high quality carbon steel. This steel quality is the most sold doctor blade material in the world in the flexo printing industry.

This steel quality is suitable for solvent based applications and UV printing operations. We only recommend using the steelBLADE C doctor blades in combination with water based inks if the printing machine runs in three shifts and there is thus no danger of corrosion.

Agergaard Doctor Blades SteelBLADE S

Our steelBLADE S doctor blades consist of an extra fine micro alloy of chrome and nickel. This stainless steel is corrosion-free and thus suitable for water based inks.

The steelBLADE S doctor blades can however be used for all types of inks, due to their wear properties and long lifespan.

Agergaard Doctor Blades SteelBLADE T

The steelBLADE T doctor blades are our high-tech solution for strongly abrasive applications such as opaque white or irodine inks.

This special steel with a high hardness has excellent wear characteristics and enables high quality printing results even under extraordinarily high abrasive printing conditions.

When used under the same conditions, the lifespan of steelBLADE T doctor blades is three times as high as steelBLADE S doctor blades.

Agergaard Doctor Blades polyBLADE P

We manufacture our polyBLADE blades from a wear resistant plastic.

Plastic blades can be used in chamber systems as a retaining blade and thus represent an effective and budget-priced alternative to steel blades. Due to its material elasticity, the flexible blade keeps permanent contact with the anilox roller and makes the chamber leakproof.

For some applications, such as corrugated and tissue printing, the polyBLADE blades can also be used as an active blade, i.e. a doctoring blade. Compared to the razor sharp edges of steel blades, the plastic blades reduce the danger of injuries. This is especially relevant for applications with long printing widths and consequently long doctor blades. 

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