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A wide range of flexible packaging laminates can be produced on the LAMIFLEX series laminators using solvent free adhesives. It avoids solvent emission and eliminates the need for a heated drying tunnel and offers cost effective and cost saving solution, which also benefits the environment.

Available models

Web width
850/1320 mm
400 m/min
Roll diameter / weight
1000 mm / 1000 kg
Lamination type
Min. web width
300 mm
Processed materials
BOPP, PET, PE, LDPE, OPA, CAST PP, CAST PA, AL foil, Paper, Laminate

High level duplex solventless laminator for widest range of substrates

  • Cantilevered sleeved transfer roller
  • Cooling cylinder for ALU foil laminates
  • Shaft-less unwinders and rewinder
  • Precise tension control through dancer roller
  • Micrometric setting of glue application gap


Web width
850/1320 mm
350 m/min
Roll diameter / weight
850 mm / 800 kg
Lamination type
Min. web width
300 mm
Processed substrates
BOPP, PET, PE, LDPE, OPA, CAST PP, CAST PA, AL foil, Paper, Laminate

An ideal entry level machine for those entering a new lamination business and seeking for new opportunities, but also established converters.


Key features

  • Sleeved transfer roller 
    Enables very quick and easy on-board sleeve exchange
  • Shaft-less unwind and rewind units 
    Enable quick, easy and comfortable roll clamping horizontally
  • Temperature control 
    Three loops with individual thermo-controlled units for dosing rollers, application roller and the the lamination roller ensure the higher speed running and increase the options for processing a wide range of substrates.
  • Tension control 
    Lamiflex is designed to process a wide range of substrates with tension range 30 – 250 N at unwind and 30 - 320 N at rewind offers laminating all common materials.
  • Three-roller lamination 
    High quality lamination is ensured by a three roll system that ensures high rigidity, a small rubber contact area and a large angle of incoming material for perfect lamination and air bubble elimination in the final laminate.
  • Glue application 
    Precise glue application rollers, high rigid mechanical stop of the dosing gap and fixed roller housing enable precise and constant glue dosing.
  • Automatic web guiding 
    Automatically controlled horizontal movement of unwind units and materials ensures high rewind quality of poor-quality input rolls.
  • Angle adjustable rollers 
    Adjustable guide rollers at unwind and rewind balance the poor-quality (conical) input rolls can be successfully processed.
  • Cooling cylinder 
    An optional water cooled cylinder ensures laminate cooling before rewinding and contributes in eliminating roll telescoping.
  • Fume exhausting 
    A high efficiency exhaust system over the whole machine width reliably removes all fumes.
  • Mixing and dosing unit 
    Simple dosing solution for one-component and two-component glue with full automated refilling directly from barrels ensures smooth glue dosing with minimal manual handling.
  • Recipe system 
    All machines are equipped with a recipe system for job file storage to be easily recalled from the memory.
  • Roller wash-up 
    Automatic roller pre wash-up of transfer sleeved and application rollers significantly reduces costs and saves the operator time at the end of each job.
  • Intuitive control 
    A touch screen control panel with user friendly interface.
  • CE standards 
    Machines comply with and meet stringent European safety standards and codes.
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SOMA provides leading flexible packaging solutions. Its product portfolio includes best-in-class flexographic printing presses, slitter rewinders, laminators, plate mounters and die cutters. Its technologies can be applied in flexible packaging for food, non-food, labels, shrink sleeves, paper and paper board and aluminum closures.