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Why partner with DKSH We offer our clients the services they need most, tailor-made to their specific requirements

DKSH employee with customer

Well-managed company
We are a reliable and financially stable Swiss company that has been doing business in and with Asia for more than 150 years. Through our integrity, professionalism and highest standards of corporate responsibility, we safeguard our partners’ businesses.

Comprehensive network
We are a global company with more than 825 business locations in 35 markets worldwide. Because of our more than 150-year history in the region, we are deeply rooted in communities throughout Asia and have established a vast network of relationships and access to key stakeholders. Our in-depth knowledge of local markets and capillary distribution network across Asia allow us to provide regional solutions for our partners by duplicating success across markets.

By connecting with our well-established local network, our partners can benefit from fast and cost-effective access to their target market. In this way, they can realize valuable economies of scale, without having to invest in fixed local infrastructure, thereby minimizing risk. Together with the sheer size of our company, our unique market insight means superior information and market power for our clients and customers, making doing business less complex.

Excellent execution and resourceful
People are the most valuable asset we have. We employ the best professionals in all areas of our businesses, dedicated to delivering the highest level of service excellence. We combine this commitment with state-of-the-art processes to improve our partners’ business performance.

Originating from small and flexible enterprises, we strive to retain the entrepreneurial spirit that lies at the heart of our tradition. We speak and understand the language of all of those we do business with – giving us the ability to adapt to the businesses we serve in any local market.

Customer-centric, proactive partner
Our customer-centric approach means we serve the customer based on our unique market insight: by making customers happy, we grow clients’ businesses.

We help our customers to secure and increase market share and grow their business through focusing on demand creation and meeting customer needs even better. We do this by providing leading marketing and sales competencies and utilizing the latest technologies.

In addition, we are the only company to deliver truly integrated end-to-end solutions. By providing all the necessary services and infrastructure from a single source, this means lower cost, enhanced transparency and greater accountability for all our partners.

We are a partner who proactively works in clients’ and customers’ interests, providing customized solutions, strategic advice and on-the-ground logistics to “make things happen.”

  • DKSH: where Swiss reliability and Asian can-do attitude merge

    DKSH: where Swiss reliability and Asian can-do attitude merge.

  • An unrivalled capillary distributary network, state-of-the art distribution and innovation centers.

    An unrivalled capillary distributary network, state-of-the art distribution and innovation centers.

  • The best people in the industry.

    The best people in the industry.

  • Customized solutions to grow partner

    Customized solutions to grow partner's businesses.

Did you know that...?

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