• Four Dairy Alternative Trends Milking Consumers’ Tastes in Asia

    Four Dairy Alternative Trends Milking Consumers’ Tastes in Asia

  • Increasing Awareness to Provide Better Access to Rare Disease Treatments

    Increasing Awareness to Provide Better Access to Rare Disease Treatments

  • Full-Year 2022 Results

    DKSH’s Strong Full-Year 2022 Results Confirm Successful Strategy Execution and Business Resilience

  • See Why DKSH Has Been Around for Almost 160 Years...

    See Why DKSH Has Been Around for Almost 160 Years

Welcome to DKSH India

We are the leading Market Expansion Services provider for companies who want to grow their business in India.

DKSH India combines functional expertise with in-depth knowledge and excellent relationships in the Indian market place. Helping companies to grow their businesses in new and existing markets, our success is based on the ability of our highly qualified specialists to optimally meet the needs of our business partners.

Market Expansion Services Across the Performance Materials Industry Innovative specialty chemicals and food ingredients through Market Expansion Services

Introducing New Products Discover new product information from our valued business partners

  • Enhance Your Food and Beverage Products With ERYTESSE™ Erythritol From Our Partner, Tate & Lyle

    Tate & Lyle is a world leader in ingredient solutions for the food and beverage industry. Tate & Lyle’s ERYTESSE™ Erythritol is a non-cariogenic, zero-calorie sweetener that has better digestive tolerance as compared to other polyol sweeteners. ERYTESSE™ Erythritol offers good bulk, enhanced texture and mouthfeel, and excellent taste in various food and beverage products.

  • Enhance Your Pharmaceutical Products With PRETIOIX Titanium Dioxide, From Our Partner PRECHEZA

    PRECHEZA is a leading European manufacturer of inorganic pigments.  PRETIOIX titanium dioxide grades are exceptionally pure pigments useful in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries. PRETIOX titanium dioxide can be used as an opacifier for capsule shell manufacturing, producing medical sticky tapes, and as a coloring agent for films, tablets, and coated pills

  • DSM's GELLANEER™, Gellan Gum Series, Is a Hydrocolloid Derived From Fermentation

    DSM is a global purpose-led, science-based company specializing in nutrition, health, and sustainable living. GELLANEER™ offers more sustainable and label-friendly options. GELLANEER™ delivers various customized functionalities of stabilization to your products with other cost-in-use benefits.

  • Enhance Your Pharmaceutical Formulations With Alginic Acid and Sodium Alginate From Our Partner, KIMICA, a Leading Global Manufacturer and Supplier of Alginate

    KIMICA offers alginic acid and sodium alginate that can be used in various oral and topical pharmaceutical formulations. KIMICA’s alginic acid is insoluble in water but becomes soluble when neutralized with an alkali. This alginic can be used as both a binder and disintegrating agent in tablet and capsule formulations. The sodium alginate from KIMICA is a neutral salt that is soluble in hot and cold water. It has various uses as a thickener, gelling agent, and stabilizer in a wide range of industries.

  • Enhance Your Pharmaceutical Products With FARMAL® MN 5000 (Mannitol) From Our Partner, Ingredion

    Ingredion is a leading global ingredients provider. FARMAL® MN 5000 is a polyalcohol that is derived from the hydrogenation of fructose. FARMAL® MN 5000 is non-hygroscopic and an excellent diluent for moisture-sensitive actives. This product offers chemical, thermal, and bacteriological stability, and extends product shelf life. FARMAL® MN 5000 (Mannitol) is USP/NF/EP compliant.

  • Enhance Your Products With Malted Ingredients From Our Partner, Muntons

    Muntons is a leading supplier of brewing and distilling malts and malted ingredients to the food and drinks industry. Muntons’ malt is an exceptionally versatile food ingredient with various applications in the food and beverage industry. The malts are available in spray-dried, band-dried powder, flour, grain, and liquid form. Muntons malted ingredients provide improved mouthfeel and roundness and enhance flavor, taste, texture, and color. These malted ingredients can achieve partial replacement of cocoa, sugar, and fat and enhance a product’s quality and shelf life.

  • Enhance Your Products With Trestle® a Unique Hair Care Additive From NICHEM

    NICHEM is a leading supplier of chemical solutions. Trestle® protects hair from regular wear and tear. Trestle® shields hair from becoming prone to breakage due to chemical treatment, styling, UV exposure, and pollution. It cements weak links on hair strands’ surface at a molecular level evenly aligning the cuticle and strengthening the hair strand to prevent breakage.

  • Enhance Your Products With STEPSPERSE® 61 From Our Partner, Stepan

    Stepan is a leading global manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals. STEPSPERSE® 61 is a VOC-free, high-performance polymeric dispersant, and wetting agent for waterborne formulations. STEPSPERSE® 61 is highly effective as a dispersing and stabilizing agent for various carbon black and organic pigments. When STEPSPERSE® 61 is used to prepare dispersions, it demonstrates excellent compatibility with a variety of resin systems. STEPSPERSE® 61 doesn't affect the final properties of paint on tinting such as viscosity and block resistance and has minimal impact on coating properties.

  • Enhance Your Pharmaceutical Formulations With Microtalc Pharma From Our Partner, Elementis

    Elementis is a leading global specialty chemicals company. Microtalc Pharma is a hydrated magnesium silicate with the chemical formula Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. Microtalc Pharma offers natural purity, lamellarity, and high whiteness that make it a high-performance component in several pharmaceutical applications. This product is available in three grades namely Microtalc Pharma 8, Microtalc Pharma 30, and Microtalc Pharma 50.

  • Enhance Your Pharmaceutical Products With Stearic Acid and Palmitic Acid From Our Partner, Lipidchem

    Lipidchem is a leading manufacturer of stearic acid, MCT powder, and other excipients. Lipidchem's stearic acid and palmitic acid are insoluble in water but soluble in chloroform, ether, and alcohol. Stearic acid, available in powder and bead form, is used as an excipient for pharmaceutical products and is USP/EP/BP complaint. Palmitic acid, available in bead form, is used in oral and topical pharmaceutical formulations and implants.

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