• DKSH Inaugurates new State-of-the-Art Office in India

    DKSH Inaugurates new State-of-the-Art Office in India

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    DKSH India is the Winner of the “Onboarding Program of the Year” Award at the 10th L&D 2022 Leadership India Summit & Awards

Welcome to DKSH India

We are the leading Market Expansion Services provider for companies who want to grow their business in India.

DKSH India combines functional expertise with in-depth knowledge and excellent relationships in the Indian market place. Helping companies to grow their businesses in new and existing markets, our success is based on the ability of our highly qualified specialists to optimally meet the needs of our business partners.

Market Expansion Services Across the Performance Materials Industry Innovative specialty chemicals and food ingredients through Market Expansion Services

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Introducing New Products Discover new product information from our valued business partners

  • Enhance Your Baked Goods With BakeZyme®, Innovative Bio-Solutions From DSM

    Being a true baking industry specialist, DSM is always on a mission to develop products that can boost the taste, texture, and nutritional health of the various bakery products for a wide array of applications.

  • PROMITOR®, a Soluble Fiber Ideal for Sugar Replacer From Tate & Lyle

    Replace sugar in your products with PROMITOR®, a corn-based soluble fiber that enables exceptional digestive tolerance from Tate & Lyle. PROMITOR® is a prebiotic with an excellent mouthfeel and clean taste profile that can add back the bulk and viscosity of nutritive sweeteners in reduced-sugar products, even in low pH conditions.

  • Exclusive Range of Proprietary Probiotics For Vaginal Health From CSL

    Vaginal infections are among India's most common gynecological conditions. Probiotics help prevent recurrent ailments and can be taken prophylactically during highly susceptible phases of pregnancy and post-menopause to avoid infection.

  • Improve Your Oral Health and Hygiene With an Exclusive Range of Proprietary and Well-Researched Probiotics From CSL

    The oral microbiome is the second-largest diverse microbiome in the human body after the gut and it houses more than 700 spp. of microorganisms. These microorganisms play a diverse role to maintain homeostasis in the oral cavity. CSL offers an exclusive range of proprietary and well-researched probiotics in the domain of oral health and hygiene. Probiotics help in maintaining an ecologically balanced oral microbiome by eliminating the pathogens and allowing balance towards a more natural state.

  • Enhance Your Products With ShortTM AE-IGF-1 From CellRx:

    CellRx ShortTM AE-IGF-1 is well-characterized, pure, and liquid stable, matching and outperforming other IGF-1 growth factors in terms of productivity, viability, and pricing.   Produced in accordance with ISO 18001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 standards, CellRx ShortTM AE-IGF-1 uses a fully-defined #animal-free component process and is compliant with cGMP guidelines.

  • Enhance Your Formulations With Nature-Derived Thickening Agents From Ashland

    Ashland's Natrosol™ Plus 330 CS and Polysurf™ 67 CS cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose are efficient thickening agents with nature-derived hydrophobically modified cellulose.

  • Enhance the Nutritional Quality of Your Products With STA-LITE®, a Cost-Effective Bulking Agent From Tate & Lyle

    STA-LITE® is ideal for calorie reduction. STA-LITE® provides an excellent mouthfeel and clean taste profile with functionality similar to sucrose. STA-LITE® also contains 80% fiber and can impart 10% relative sweetness to products.

  • Make a Difference to Your Food Products with Lactosan Cheese Powders!

    Lactosan Group produces a wide range of vegetarian and halal certified cheese powders and cheese powder blends including a range of clean-label cheese powders without additives and emulsifying salts.

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