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Our people

At DKSH, our people are the most valuable asset we have

People – the key to our success
Our people are the most valuable asset we have. It is their ideas, initiatives and decisions that drive our success. United by a shared corporate culture, we empower the best professionals in our industry to grow in their careers and to work together to achieve our vision of being known as the world’s leading provider of Market Expansion Services with a focus on Asia.

At DKSH, our people shape the long-term growth of our business as part of an energetic and successful team, and positively touch the lives of millions of people by providing them products that meet their daily needs.

A shared commitment
DKSH’s success in the Asian markets is based on the fact that as a Swiss company – well known for quality and reliability – we have become familiar with many local environments and have adapted to them. While we are a truly multinational company, we are deeply rooted in the local communities we serve.

Today, our 33,000 specialists and around 70 nationalities, with hugely diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, work together in 35 markets serving clients and customers alike. We thereby ensure that there are always people who speak our clients’ and customers’ language and understand their culture.

Diversity comes naturally
Operating a business in a way that respects the inherent values and differences between countries and cultures is an essential success factor for multinational companies.

At DKSH, diversity is not just a concept that gathers dust in management manuals; nor is it a question of implementing quota policies. Diversity comes naturally to us and we have always recognized its value. After all, from the very beginning, DKSH’s Swiss founders embraced  cultures new and foreign to them. This legacy is reflected today in the highly diverse composition of our workforce.