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SourcingAccessing a global sourcing network

DKSH sourcing services

We offer you:

  • Deep industry expertise to source and secure innovative performance enhancing ingredients and chemicals
  • A cost-effective, quality and dependable supply
  • Full compliance with safety and environmental regulations

We offer

  • A team of dedicated sourcing specialists who share their knowledge of latest developments and technologies with you
  • The ability to maintain unrivalled reach and stability of supply as the only major provider to operate in all key economic zones
  • Compliance with safety and environmental regulations and an unmatched understanding of the local regulatory challenges in the markets we serve

Your benefits

  • You gain access to a powerful global sourcing network
  • You obtain the perfect combination of quality and dependable supply at the best price
  • You receive state-of-the-art tracking and delivery management technology

Success stories

Success stories

  • Chocolate cake

    The search for soy

    Reliability, commitment and flexibility to fulfill the needs of our business partners add up to real solutions for a global economy.

  • Wood cutting factory in Japan

    How automated wood cutting improves efficiency of 2x4 construction in Japan

    With the rise in adoption of the new 2x4 construction method, Japan’s housing industry has seen an increase in demand for wood. The method primarily uses wood from North America in fixed lengths, in which the raw wood has to be cut in a short amount of time with maximum yield.

  • Refreshing Makeup

    A sound foundation for excellence

    No company can achieve success alone. Behind every market-leading company is at least one exceptional business partner dedicated to ensuring its winning performance.