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DKSH Vietnam at a glance We help companies grow their business in existing markets and expand into new ones

Vietnam, DKSH truck

We are the leading Market Expansion Services provider for companies who want to grow their business in Vietnam. Serving our business partners through our extensive global networks and industry expertise, we help companies to grow their businesses in new and existing markets.

As one of Vietnam’s leading business organizations, our network of 22 business locations, including offices, distibution centers and crossdocks, across the country and 4,500 employees make us an international “local” company. We are committed to building long-term business partnerships in Vietnam. We constantly strive to bring world-class standards to industries in Vietnam while also contributing to the development of local communities.

DKSH Vietnam was originally established in 1890 when we began business activities in Saigon and Haiphong. For the next 60 years we were active in importing consumer and pharmaceutical products and also representing shipping lines and insurance companies. We withdrew from Northern Vietnam in 1954 and from Saigon in 1955.

DKSH re-entered Vietnam in 1991, around 100 years after our initial entry. Attracted by the government's “open door” policy in the early 1990s, we obtained an operating license for Diethelm Vietnam Co., Ltd. as a fully foreign invested enterprise providing sales, marketing and logistics services in 1999.

In 2009, we changed the company name from Diethelm Vietnam Co., Ltd. to DKSH Vietnam Co., Ltd. to contribute to the formation and launch of a unified and global DKSH brand in 37 countries.

Country Management

Name Job title
Jorge Martin-Martinez Head Country Management
Vice President, Country Finance
Rudy Cohen Vice President, Healthcare
Ton Nu Tuyet Anh Co-General Manager, FMCG
Ho Mai Ho Co-General Manager, FMCG
Phung Dang Hung General Manager, Performance Materials
Robert Puschmann Managing Director, Technology
Tony Mullen Vice President, Supply Chain Management
Nguyen Thi Vinh Thanh Senior Director, People & Organization
Nguyen Lan Huong Senior Director, Country Legal & Corporate Affairs
Cao Tan Thiet Senior Manager, Country IT Management