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DKSH Partners With Stilla Technologies in Asia Pacific

DKSH Partners With Stilla Technologies in Asia Pacific

DKSH has entered an agreement with Stilla Technologies in Asia. This partnership is in line with the strategic focus of DKSH Business Unit Technology to solidify its position as a leading integrated solutions provider for the scientific Instrumentation market.

Singapore, June 1, 2022– DKSH Business Unit Technology has entered a partnership with Stilla Technologies, one of the world’s leading Digital PCR manufacturers. DKSH will provide marketing and sales, application support, and after-sales services in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Having taken digital PCR to a whole new level, Stilla Technologies makes absolute quantification of multiple genetic markers and multiple tests from a single sample possible for researchers across a breadth of applications. From quantifying ctDNA in liquid biopsies for oncology, to detecting low-level genetic variants in infectious diseases, dPCR is allowing researchers to parse complex genomics data to gain real-world, actionable genetic insights at both the patient and the population level. Their high-sensitivity 6-color naica® system is the world’s most powerful digital PCR platform, offering the highest multiplexing capability on the market.

“DKSH has a strong regional footprint and market access. With their focus and expertise in the life sciences segment and digital PCR, we are confident that DKSH is the trusted partner to help us expand the markets and meet our growth goals,” said Matt Grow, PhD, Vice President/ Global Commercial Operations, Stilla Technologies.

Marco Farina, Senior Director, Business Development, Business Unit Technology, commented: “With the partnership with Stilla Technologies, DKSH gets a very strong product in the genomics area that will benefit many of our existing customers in the life sciences@ segment. We are confident to grow the market, leveraging our good sales coverage, strong application support, and excellence in after-sales services. DKSH will continuously provide our customers with innovative solutions that improve their research.