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Keep Your Method. Make An Impact, With Our New Recombinant Reagent!

PyroSmart NextGen™ recombinant Cascade Reagent (rCR) marks the introduction of a new sustainable recombinant LAL reagent technology for Bacterial Endotoxin Testing (BET). Utilizing the same LAL cascade as traditional LAL reagents, while eliminating the potential for 1,3-β-D-glucans cross reactivity, PyroSmart NextGen™ delivers all of the quality and consistency of results you have come to expect from ACC LAL reagents.

PyroSmart NextGen™ can be used for a wide variety of endotoxin tests, ranging from standard water testing to samples requiring high sensitivity, such as intrathecal products and those requiring high dilutions to overcome interference.

Product Sensitivity

The sensitivity for recombinant chromogenic assays is determined by the lowest standard concentration on the standard curve used for the assay. The maximum sensitivity of PyroSmart NextGen™ is 0.005 EU/mL when run in an incubating microplate reader (or 0.001 EU/mL when run in Pyros Kinetix Flex tube reader).

Sample to Lysate Ratio

PyroSmart NextGen™ is used at with an economical volume of 50 µL of reagent per well yielding 50 tests/vial:

  • Microplate reader: 1:1 ratio using 50 µL of test sample : 50 µL of reagent

Test Performance

The PyroSmart NextGen™ reaction mixture is incubated at 37±1°C and read in a microplate reader equipped with a 405–410 nm filter. The time of incubation is dependent on the lowest standard concentration in the standard curve, with 0.005 EU/mL achievable in 2500 seconds in a microplate reader. Software is used to construct the standard curve and calculate the endotoxin concentrations.

Product Stability

PyroSmart NextGen™ is a lyophilized product with an excellent shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Product Reconstitution

PyroSmart NextGen™ is provided as co-lyophilized with the chromogenic substrate and as such it is ready-to-use following a simple reconstitution (using 2.8mL of the supplied reconstitution buffer).

Product Packaging

PyroSmart NextGen™  reagent is provided as a pack of 2 vials of reagent and 2 vials of reconstitution buffer. This is sufficient for a total of 110 wells (55 wells per vial).

PyroSmart NextGen™ Launch Video

Associates of Cape Cod (ACC)Specializing in chromogenic and turbidimetric reagent technologies, Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. (ACC) has been a global leader in endotoxin and (1→3)-ß-D-glucans detection products and services for more than 45 years. ACC pioneered LAL testing methodology and was the first FDA licensed company to manufacture LAL reagents; ACC has grown to be an internationally recognized leader in endotoxin detection.