Recruitment Disclaimer

It has come to our attention that some fraudulent and fictitious job opportunities related to DKSH are being circulated online. This includes examples such as prospective candidates being:

  • Attracted by fake job postings available on the internet and social media platforms (i.e. on search engines results, scam sites, job webpages, etc)
  • Contacted by individuals, mainly through telephone calls, emails, and correspondences, claiming they are DKSH employees, affiliates representatives, agents or under contract with the DKSH Group, and, thus, pretending to represent DKSH

Under this false pretence, the impostors might try to gain access to your personal or privileged information or to acquire money or other valuables or to induce people to pay a fee for services related to recruitment, home office supplies, or training or a new role from you by offering fictitious employment opportunities or by claiming that they are contacting you on our behalf.

Please be aware that DKSH, and our official professional recruiting agencies and platforms, do not:

  • Send job offers from free email services like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Request money, fees or payment of any kind from prospective candidates for employment, or to apply to our company, or for the recruitment process (e.g. for home office supplies, or training, etc.)
  • Request or require personal documents like bank account details, tax forms or credit card information as part of the recruitment process, before the candidate signs an engagement letter or an employment contract with DKSH

You may see all job vacancies on our official DKSH channels:

The DKSH Group is not affiliated in any way to these impostors and we hereby confirm that such individuals/entities are not authorized, encouraged or sponsored to act on behalf of DKSH. Hence, such job opportunities are completely fake and not valid.

Therefore, please disregard any written or oral request for a job offer or an interview that you believe is or might be fraudulent or suspicious and immediately get in touch with us via email at Online Communications upon receiving a suspicious offer or claim.

Criminal and/or civil liabilities may arise from such actions, and DKSH expressly reserves the right to take legal action, including criminal action, against such individuals/entities whenever such phenomena occur. In any case, please note that under no circumstances shall the DKSH Group and any of its affiliates be held liable or responsible for any claims, losses, damages, expenses or other inconvenience resulting from or in any way connected to the actions of these impostors.