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Our people’s career journeys Grow and contribute at DKSH

  • Nisha Nair

    Thipthaphone Chanthavong
    Supervisor, Marketing, DKSH Laos

    What a wonderful memory: last September, I celebrated my 20 years anniversary with DKSH Laos, Healthcare Business Unit. I started as a Sales Representative, taking on many different roles and responsibilities hereafter. Working with DKSH provides me the opportunity to have a positive impact that touches people’s lives. Being able to enjoy continuous learning and development in both my personal and career life has been my motivation to stay with DKSH for such a long time. Today, I have a challenging role as Assistant, General Manager, National Trade Sales, Customer Care Engagement, driving sales in trade and medical channels as well as customer care engagement performance. I am as engaged as ever and really happy to work with DKSH Laos.

  • Jasmin Tramarajh

    Jasmin Tramarajh
    Specialist, Service Solutions, DKSH Malaysia

    DKSH allows me to explore new challenges, discover hidden potentials and keep growing and contributing in various areas. Coming from an engineering background, working in sales was never an option on my career list. However, my superiors help me realize my hidden talent and quickly got me engaged in sales activities. I decided to give it a try and it felt good to see the end results of the step I decided to take. I personally feel that being authentic is important. When we are our true self, we will naturally tend to portray a genuine sense of honesty and trustworthiness. This is the basis for building good relationships with colleagues and clients and creates a healthy working environment; I am truly blessed to be a part of this authentic and aspiring DKSH family.

  • Grace OM Yeo

    Grace OM Yeo
    Senior Manager, Client Management, DKSH Malaysia

    “I joined DKSH as a Management trainee in 2012 and have progressed to a Senior Manager today. Being in the Healthcare division, DKSH presents a dynamic and exciting working environment with multiple learning opportunities. It is amazing to see how we work as a team to tide over challenges faced and I truly appreciate the moments of triumph when we overcome obstacles and the team wins big together. These moments are what makes both worthwhile and unforgettable. ‘Being committed’ is a principle that is fundamental to the company and I am confident to say that the dream team behind DKSH wholly reflects this value.